Top 8 Brunch Spots in Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica is known for its rich culture, vibrant music scene and delectable cuisine. One third of Jamaica’s population (roughly one million people) call Kingston home, so you can bet there are lots of entertainment options, and even free activities to check out in the city. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, one of the best ways to start your day in Kingston is with a delicious brunch at one of the city’s top restaurants. Here are eight of the best spots in Kingston for a mouth-watering brunch experience in 2023.


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1. Chive Restaurant

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Located in Orchid Village Plaza at 20 Barbican Road in Liguanea, Chive is a chic modern restaurant with a brunch menu that’s both delicious and affordable. With dishes ranging from classic breakfast favourites like fluffy omelets and signature pancakes to more unique options like the Waffle Surf and Turf and Chive brunch burger, there’s something for everyone. If you’re in the mood for something stronger than coffee, Chive also has a great selection of cocktails to choose from such as sangrias, the passionfruit sparkler and classic mimosas.

2. Broken Plate

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If you’re looking for a more laid-back brunch spot, Broken Plate is the perfect choice. This cozy rooftop restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor al fresco dining options at 24-28 Barbican Road at the Progressive Plaza in Liguanea. From steak and eggs benedict to lobster and waffles, the weekend brunch options at Broken Plate are sure to please.


3. Susie’s Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss out on brunch at Susie’s Bakery. Located in Southdale Plaza near Half-Way-Tree, this bakery offers a mouth-watering selection of pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. However, Susie’s Bakery is more than just a dessert spot! They also serve up savoury breakfast and brunch dishes like breakfast sandwiches, egg platters, wraps and Jamaican breakfast staples like ackee and saltfish.

4. Blue Brews Bistro

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Located in the Holywell National Park one hour’s drive from Kingston, Blue Brews Bistro technically isn’t a “Kingston brunch spot.” However, this restaurant offers a memorable dining experience which had to make the list somehow. With stunning views of the mountains and a menu that features locally sourced ingredients, this restaurant is a must-visit for foodies and nature lovers alike. Blue Brews serves hearty omelets, burgers, salads, soups and wraps all weekend long. Pair your dish with their signature chai latte, loose leaf teas or natural fruit juices, and end with their yummy bread pudding which contains hints of cinnamon and bites of dark chocolate.


5. Uncorked Too

For a brunch experience with a touch of elegance, head to Uncorked Too. This upscale restaurant is located on Constant Spring Road and offers a brunch menu that is both refined and satisfying. From classic steak & eggs to smoked marlin sesame toast to a traditional Jamaican breakfast of ackee & saltfish, the dishes at Uncorked Too are beautifully presented and packed with flavor.

6. Café Blue

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It’s no surprise that Café Blue made my list of top 10 cafes in Kingston, and now it’s here as one of Kingston’s best places for brunch. Café Blue in Irish Town is a cozy roadside café paired with the Crystal Edge Restaurant at the same location. The menu here is simple and satisfying, but what elevates the dining experience is the divine mountain view! Café Blue’s breakfast options include omelets, bagels, toast, croissants, pancakes, sandwiches, wraps and sweet pastries. Their coffee is made from locally grown Blue Mountain coffee beans, some of the best you’ll find anywhere in Jamaica. If you can’t make the drive 30 minutes from town, visit their other locations at Sovereign Centre in Liguanea and the Active Home Centre and Super Value Town Centre on Constant Spring Road.


7. Fromage Bistro

This European-Jamaican fusion restaurant located in the heart of Kingston at Hillcrest Avenue offers a brunch menu that is as elegant as it is delicious. Fromage’s brunch menu contains classic offerings like omelets, breakfast quesadillas, pancakes and French toast, alongside their signature Brekkie Burger, crab and shrimp frittata and guava pancakes. Brunch at Fromage pairs beautifully with a classic mimosa or their peach bellini.

8. Brew’d Awakenings

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Last but not least, we have Brew’d Awakenings – a cozy café in Liguanea that serves up quick breakfasts and great coffee. One of my favourite medical school memories was indulging in breakfast at Brew’d Awakenings after studying at my campus library all night. From hearty breakfast sandwiches to fluffy pancakes, bagels and omelets, the menu at Brew’d Awakenings is delicious and affordable. The best part of Brew’d Awakenings is the top-notch coffee, so of course they also made my list of top 10 cafes in Kingston!


Wrap Up

Have you gone out for brunch before? It’s growing in popularity thanks to social media, and Kingston is easily the best city for brunch in Jamaica. Share your brunch experiences below in the comments. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to bookmark it and subscribe for new articles!

‘Til next time.

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