7 Unique Activities to Enjoy In & Around Kingston, Jamaica

The great outdoors has been elusive since early March but is finally opening up, even if it is currently blanketed by Saharan dust, and we’re not fully out of the woods yet with several countries seeing a second wave in coronavirus cases since relaxing travel restrictions. Nonetheless, I’m seeing everyone posting their beach pictures and I’m happy. I’ll be enjoying my first taste of summer soon too. I enjoy large open green spaces, beaches, waterfalls, rivers and nature trails, but you know what ‘Rona has made me realize? There are many indoor activities I enjoy too– some I haven’t even done before but are on my mental list of things to try, and I missed having the opportunity to try them. Kingston is Jamaica’s capital city, a bustling centre of business and commerce, but also has a wealth of activities to enjoy. Here are 7 unique indoor activities to add to your list of options for date nights and get-togethers, or as we’d say in the Caribbean–limes.


1. Candle Making Class

Have you ever wanted to make your own candles and create a signature scent for your home? Well, Laura Alexis Candles at Hillcrest Avenue in Liguanea makes that possible with their “Mek Scents” sessions. They’ll introduce you to the art of soy candle-making and you get to take your creation home. Make an appointment to stick a nose in their business! ($3,500 per person, Sessions resume in July 2020).

2. Paint & Sip

Wine goes with everything but it pairs exceptionally well with painting. There are many places in Kingston offering this activity, but my only experience to date has been with AliCrafts for Valentines’ Night, one of the few activities I’m happy I got under my belt before 2020 got out of hand. The instructor(s) for the session work with all talents and abilities to ensure the piece comes out beautiful, so fret not if you’re artistically challenged. You’ll leave with a piece of artwork that has a story. What could be better than that? Prices average $3,000jmd per person. (Sessions currently conducted virtually).

Half finished paintings at Paint & Sip

3. Sculpt & Sip

You may not be the next Edna Manley or Basil Watson, but you’ll leave with a nice sculpture for your centre table or dresser after a sculpt and sip session with Art Frenzy. This is still on my mental list of things to do, so once this coronavirus thing settles and they have another session, I’m ready! Prices average $5,000jmd per person.

4. VR Experience

There are several scenarios I don’t see myself in, ever. You know, zombie apocalypse, some other-worldly adventures etc. Well, in case you wondered what that would be like or you want to prepare for the worst because you’re not taking any chances after 2020, virtual reality technology has you covered. There are several places you can get that experience, such as Virtual Reality Jamaica at their store in Sovereign Village, Portmore or at pop-up locations from VR Summit Ja. It can even be used to help you conquer your fears, e.g. entomophobia and arachnophobia. Prices start at $400jmd per person.


5. Escape Room

Escape rooms are interactive concepts where players solve mysteries to figure out how to break out of a locked room before time runs out. If time runs out and you haven’t solved the mystery yet, don’t worry. They’ll let you out, but that’s no fun. Anyway, Puzzle It Jamaica in Havendale is the first to bring this pastime to Jamaica and it’s a great team-building exercise for coworkers and friends. (Reopens July 1, 2020)

6. Bowling

I can’t believe it took us this long to get a bowling alley in Jamaica but thanks to Jamzone in Manor Centre, Jamaicans can now go bowling locally as we please. They have 12 lanes and accommodate groups of up to 6 people for a maximum of 90 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s still available but there used to be 2-for-1 Mondays where two people get to bowl for at least 30 minutes at the price of one. Prices start at $1350jmd per person and includes bowling shoes rental. Wear or carry socks. (Tentatively reopening in July 2020)

7. Skating

Destiny Rink (or Skateland) behind Portmore Mall offers rollerskating for $700jmd up per person. Give your coordination a test; you may end up liking it and discovering a hidden talent you didn’t know you had. (Tentatively reopening in July 2020)

There you have it. Did you know all these unique ways to have fun existed in and around Kingston? Share your experiences below.


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21 thoughts on “7 Unique Activities to Enjoy In & Around Kingston, Jamaica

  1. Thanks, Rochelle, for giving us a few things that we can do in Kingston that doesn’t include water or the beach. I’m sure many people will value this and would want to try a few of them. The bowling alley is an excellent idea that should be expanded to more major cities on the island. It certainly would be something that I believe many locals would enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Great post! One of the only upsides to this otherwise devastating time, in my mind, at least, has been seeing folk embracing the beauty and joys of where they live. 😊

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  3. Love this post. I’m always saying I wish there were more activities in Kingston than restaurants and parties and I’m happy to know there are so many. I’ve tried paint and sip before and I haven’t been to Skateland in yeeeeears I really need to go back but I definitely need to expand my horizons and try the others on the list.

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  4. This is a great list. I’m supposed to visit Kingston in early October but that’s if the JA food festival is still on and I would definitely like to try some of these.

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