Bucket Lists

I’m always learning of new places to visit in Jamaica and that can get exhausting. Thus, I create and publish tiny manageable lists of the places I’d like to visit in my end-of-year roundup series each year. I tend to stray far from these lists as the year progresses but I still write a list at the start of the year anyway in good fun. Life is meant to be fluid and it’s always interesting to see what I planned to do at the start of the year and where I ended up instead. Join my adventures in Jamaica by seeing where I set out to explore each year, how much of the list I accomplish and how many of these places you know, would like to visit or may have already visited yourself. Don’t be a stranger in the comments section.

2017’s List

2017 jamaican bucket list

2018’s List


2019’s List

2019-bucket list

365 Days of Things to See, Do & Eat in Jamaica (inspired by jamaicans.com)


My 30 Before 30 Bucket List


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