The “I Have It All” Mindset

Today’s brief post is brought to you by the WordPress writing prompt of the day which asks “What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?” Ever so often I answer these daily writing prompts to stretch the not-so-old writing fingers and my imagination. You see, these days I’m not exploring as much as I’d like. I’ve dedicated the first half of 2023 to long term projects, such as writing the first step of exams for my internal medicine residency so you may have noticed that my posts have become mostly lifestyle related instead of travel-themed. Fret not, as I’ll be out exploring in the latter half of the year and sharing those adventures but until then, these prompts keep my blog alive. With that said, today let’s answer this philosophical question.

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A Jamaican Year: Measured by Fruit Seasons

For today’s WordPress prompt, I’ve been asked to list my top five favourite fruits. This is a difficult selection to make as I love fruits, and here in Jamaica we are blessed with dozens of seasonal tropical fruits. In fact, the year to a Jamaican is divided by seasons– fruit seasons. We begin the year with Otaheite apples, followed by mango season then lychee and guinep season and finally June plum, hog plum, cherry, naseberry and sweetsop season. Some fruit trees bear multiple times a year like oranges, bananas and ackee, one of the world’s most poisonous fruits, which is a Jamaican delicacy and forms half of the National Dish. After much deliberation, these are my top five.

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Five Medical Discoveries Jamaica Has Shared With The World

My island home of Jamaica ranks #155 on this list of countries compared by size in square miles, yet has managed to have an indelible global impact. In Jamaica, we say “wi likkle but we tallawah.” This means that we’re small in size but pack a punch, and that we do! Jamaica dominates in athletics, having produced the world’s fastest man and woman alive. Jamaica has produced one religion, four Miss World pageant winners, six genres of music and some of the world’s most highly sought after coffee beans. This tiny island has also had a major impact on the United Nations, most notably in matters of human rights, gender equality, the struggle against Apartheid, economics, the environment and combating the illegal drug trade. However, what’s not so well known is that Jamaican doctors and scientists have also made global contributions to the practice of medicine. In this article, I’ll share five Jamaican contributions to science and medicine.

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8 Reasons Why Christmas Is My Favourite Holiday

Christmas is my favourite holiday. It’s hot all year round in Jamaica, but this time of year is the coolest as trade winds from up North blow across the Greater Antilles and give us a slight taste of winter. The beautiful scarlet red poinsettias are in full bloom, and all my favourite foods are cooked and sold in abundance. The religious significance of the holiday is not lost on me either. I was raised with a Christian background, and live my life guided by these principles. Thus, it’s important that Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour. With that said, here are eight reasons why Christmas in Jamaica is my favourite holiday.

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Will ChatGPT and AI Replace Bloggers?

Last month, a friend jokingly told me that blogging and copywriting are obsolete. He’s a software engineer so his stance wasn’t surprising. There is growing global concern that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace millions of jobs in professions such as office administration, law, architecture, engineering, finance, management, sales, healthcare, art and design over the next decade. This year, the latest version of ChatGPT passed the US medical licensing exam with flying colours. Experienced doctors may be pushed aside by sophisticated robots that can perform delicate surgeries more precisely and read x-rays more accurately than a human eye can. With that said, it seems both my jobs are in jeopardy, huh? However, here’s why I’m not worried. At least, not yet.

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How to Use Social Media Positively

Social media often gets a bad rap, and with good reason. When used incorrectly, social media can promote negative behaviours such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders, selfishness, low self esteem, peer pressure and unrealistic views on life, appearance and identity. However, when used correctly, social media can be a good thing. Social media keeps us in touch with friends and family. Social media can serve as entertainment; I know I look forward to the memes shared daily among my friends and I. Social media can keep us abreast of current events, and teach us new things. Above all, social media can assist with personal branding and networking. I’ve met dozens of lovely people on social media– several of whom have become good friends!

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For Moms: Here’s Why Taking Care of YOU Is Important Too

Welcome to the second quarter of 2023! Today, Fay Smith, a mother of two young children and three lovable Pomeranians, sat down with Adventures from Elle to share words of wisdom for my mommy readers. Self care is important but mothers often forget to take care of themselves in the full-time profession of motherhood which requires 24 hours of love and dedicated service seven days a week. Here’s what Fay had to say:

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Endometriosis Awareness

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. Those who suffer from endometriosis know that it can be a very painful debilitating disease. Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition where the lining of the uterus (womb) can be found in other parts of the body such as the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, abdominal cavity and even in the brain and lung! This ectopic uterine tissue responds to the hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle and results in inflammation, chronic pain and even infertility. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about why this condition exists, and there is currently no cure.

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Three Jamaican Beauty Brands You Should Know & Support

Inspiration to write this article popped into my head over the weekend as I restocked my beauty must-haves, but it wasn’t until the Google Doodle reminder of International Women’s Day on March 8 that I committed to writing it. Why? Well, my favourite Jamaican beauty brands all happen to be female-owned too! Thus, in belated celebration of International Women’s Day this week, here are three Jamaican natural hair and skin care product brands which I believe you should know and support.

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Reggae Month in Jamaica

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

February around the world is a special time for people of African descent, such as myself. We celebrate the achievements of our race and our rich heritage, while pausing to reflect on the atrocities of chattel slavery which our ancestors endured and which interrupted our history for three centuries. However, in Jamaica, February has much more special meaning.

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