What does ‘Green’ mean to you?

WordPress has introduced a new blog challenge called WordPrompts designed to encourage hobby bloggers to publish one post per month surrounding a theme. The WordPrompt for April is ‘green’. As a happy WordPress-er I couldn’t be happier to participate in this challenge. I’ve had blogs before in the past which never amounted to anything, so I’m glad that I’ve managed to be more or less consistent on this platform for the past five years. When I found WordPress, the rest became history. WordPress feels like home. I began travel blogging in Jamaica long before it became trendy to do so, and unlike most Jamaican ‘travel bloggers’ I actually blog. I enjoy writing as my means of self-expression. I don’t travel just to make content. I travel and write because I genuinely love both activities. These are my main source of happiness. As I write this post now, I feel my mood significantly improve. I get lost in my own little world and forget all my troubles when I write and when I’m outdoors. The trees, mountains, rivers and beach make me happy.

The millennial in me wants to have multiple streams of income so since 2021, I started trying to make blogging a second stream of income by adding ads to my site, improving my SEO, taking on a few sponsored posts, one brand partnership and even publishing a WHOLE BOOK, but… sometimes all this takes the joy out of blogging. Thus, WordPress made my day when they announced WordPrompts. I think this will bring back more fun to blogging for me. At least once a month, expect to see one of these random posts which didn’t take much effort to publish, which doesn’t offer any travel advice and which I’m not trying to get Google to rank at all. For once per month, I’ll speak from the heart and fall back in love with blogging and connect with the WordPress community. This is the original reason why I began blogging, and sometimes we need that nudge to get back to basics.

Anyway, what does green mean to you?

Green is my favourite colour after blue. In fact, to be specific– both are in fact my favourite colour. I love aquamarine and turquoise, a perfect marriage between the two colours. Green means nature, eco-friendly, outdoors, my happy place. Green means Jamaica. It’s one of the three colours on the Jamaican flag, and it symbolizes hope. Hope from the lush tropical land and its fruitfulness. That’s one of the reasons I love Jamaica. There are a lot of problems here, and majority of the island’s youth want to migrate in search of better employment, earning opportunities and quality of life. The corruption, poverty and crime here become just too much to listen to on the news and just too much to experience. However, with a modest income, you can live a good life here. You can stay anywhere in Jamaica and see the beautiful misty green mountains. There’s a tree on every corner and almost in every yard, even in the city. We haven’t lost our connection to nature and greenery here. This brings me hope. I can’t ever lose hope when I’m admiring the green of nature.


With that said, please enjoy a few photos of what green means to me.


Wrap Up

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‘Til next time.

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31 thoughts on “What does ‘Green’ mean to you?

  1. Girl, greenery makes me happy too…it represents peacefulness and adventure for me. I love love the outdoors and look forward to a weekend spent out in the bush. I love all of your pics…there are so many shades of green to enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ How do I see the prompts? Is there a particular blog that posts them?

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