Happy New Year! I’ve been alluding to exciting stuff on the horizon for my blog and brand, and I’m excited to finally share the first one with you. The title gives it away– I’m publishing my first book this month on January 23! SIGHTSEE JAMAICA is a brief travel guide and gigantic checklist to every place worth seeing in Jamaica to the best of my knowledge. Some of the places I’ve included have never been published in a Jamaican travel guide before, because this guide is 100% local written. We’re now accepting preorders so go ahead and secure your copy.


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What To Expect In Your Copy

  • A Jamaican fact sheet with pertinent information for travelers.
  • checklist arranged by parish of all places worth sightseeing. Tick off each place as you find it. Some are buildings to admire on a drive or walking tour; others are real gems for which you’ll need hours or even days to completely experience.
  • Read my guide to the Blue & John Crow Mountains, Jamaica’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site to date. Learn more about the national park’s history, hiking trails, rivers, waterfalls, renowned coffee and Jamaica’s foray into gastronomy tourism with the Blue Mountain Culinary Trail.
  • Discover Jamaica’s last remaining wilderness: the Cockpit Country.
  • See why Jamaica is technically an archipelago.
  • Peruse an annual calendar of festivals and events.
  • Get handy tools like how to get around Jamaica, and tips for the solo traveler and reggae lover.
  • Get my top recommendations about what to do in Jamaica.

Paperback Copies

Preorders are currently only available in the eBook format for Kindle devices, Android and PC, but I’m working on having the paperback ready soon. That release date is still tentative as there’s some reformatting to be done to make printing possible. I’ll release updates on Amazon and my social media once ready so you’ll be the first to know when to get your print copy. The eBook sells for US$9.99, but the paperback price is still to be confirmed.


Wrap Up

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about SIGHTSEE JAMAICA, and I welcome all commentary and advice. Entering the self-publishing world is a learning curve for me, and I’m figuring it out as I go. I’ll share how I went about it down the line. Lastly, here’s how to support:

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  • Follow my author page on Amazon HERE.
  • When the title drops, please leave a review.
  • Lastly, help me spread the word! Share this post with a friend.

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Published by

Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle

Adventures from Elle is a travel blog for locals & visitors who want to experience the best of Jamaica, one adventure at a time. The blog is curated by Rochelle Knight, a junior resident (M.D.) in internal medicine and published author. She began the blog in 2016 as a medical student & wants to see the world, starting with her home country. Purchase her book 'SIGHTSEE JAMAICA' on Amazon and join her in Jamaica!

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