Sheldon Levene: A Jamaican Content Curator To Watch

Sheldon Levene is a Jamaican photographer, app creator, motion and graphic designer who curates Jamaica’s history, natural beauty and experiences through digital media. I first found him on Instagram, my favourite social media platform, in 2018. At that time, his feed was already populated with dozens of photographs documenting Jamaica by air which invoked feelings of awe, nostalgia or a combination of both. His growth since then has been remarkable.

Sunrise in Portland at the Sea Cliff Resort

Nowadays, his content showcases both remote off-the-beaten-path places and paid partnerships with high-end resorts alike. The drone photography industry has taken Jamaica by storm with dozens of photographers, bloggers and amateurs clamoring to take overhead pictures of the island but his work still stands out with a loyal fan base that can recognize his photos from the authentic colouring, subtle retouching and logo. He often includes a brief history lesson in his captions too.

However, this unassuming Instagram account is actually a gigantic online catalogue and we’re merely admiring its products.

Fill Your Walls With Jamaica

Blue Lagoon canvas (18 x 24 inches)

A home ought to tell a story of its residents, their passions and history while inspiring and fueling their creativity. Thus, I was thrilled to discover that all his Instagram photos are available as canvases, posters and frame prints. When I moved out on my own, I decided to invest in wall art and fell down the rabbit hole of binge-scrolling his Instagram feed to select my favourite shot to print. It was to be one canvas but I could not settle on a favourite. In fact, I had about a dozen favourites but I compromised with three. His pieces have been a striking addition to my walls, long before this piece from Photowall joined my collection of wall art. I loved the stellar customer service, speedy delivery and great quality of the prints.


How to Order Your Canvases

  1. You can either order from his website or DM him your photos of choice on Instagram like I did.
  2. Select a size (16″x20″, 18″x24″ or 24″x36″ inches).
  3. Review the mockup of the pieces to ensure they look the way you’d like, and choose whether you want the edges to be wrapped with the image in question, or plain.
  4. For Jamaicans: Confirm your order and pay by direct deposit. Your pieces will take approximately one week to be ready. You can pay down 50% and clear the balance on delivery.
  5. For outside of Jamaica: Purchase online via his website and pay using Paypal, or any major debit or credit card.

“I loved the stellar customer service, speedy delivery and great quality of the prints.”

I’d encourage everyone who is connected to Jamaica in any way to invest in one of his pieces. It may be harder choosing which pieces to get now though, ha! Back then I chose shots of Flat Bridge, Blue Lagoon and Gordon Town, but the catalogue is constantly updated with several new photos each month. If I were ordering now, my choices may have been different.

Sheldonlev Jigsaw Puzzles: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I did lots of jigsaw puzzles growing up but they became almost obsolete in the 2010’s. However, trends often get recycled and there has been a huge surge in the demand for jigsaw puzzles since the pandemic with more people being at home and having more free time. Thus, Sheldon is on to something by offering his delightful images as 252-piece jigsaw puzzles for the entire family too, each costing US$35 with free shipping in the USA. Persons outside the USA have to order online and ship locally via a courier. I’m ashamed to say I forgot how challenging jigsaw puzzles were! The small pieces and colour variety of my chosen Spur Tree Road image made this puzzle VERY challenging, but it was a great trip down memory lane.

Did you know that doing jigsaw puzzles keeps the brain active and may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease?


Wrap Up

Here’s where to find Sheldon Levene online:

Also, have you ever heard of Jamdung, the Jamaican Charades App? Well, Sheldon is the brains and brawn behind that too. Here’s the link to it.

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‘Til next time.

*Note: This post is not sponsored, but rather a public review of products I’ve purchased and liked. All opinions are my own.

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