Decorate Your Home With PhotoWall Wall Prints

A home ought to tell a story of the people who live there, their passions and their history. A home should also inspire its occupants and fuel their creativity. Photowall is an international wall-art company headquartered in Sweden which does just that. Passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with their canvases, posters, framed prints and wallpapers, Photowall was founded in 2006  when brothers Niklas and Charlie Johansson realized that the selection of personalized wall art on the market was relatively limited. With their technical background and a strong interest in design, they decided to try something new by printing wallpaper digitally. Without any previous printing experience, the brothers bought their first digital printing press in 2006, and the rest is history.

Taking My Photowall Canvas Home


For now, most of my adventures have been domestic travel around Jamaica because I live here and thus, exploring Jamaica is the cheapest and most accessible option available to me. The pandemic has made domestic travel trendier because of the restrictions on international travel to control the spread of coronavirus. However, I dream of visiting faraway places across the globe one day such as in Central America, West Africa, Europe and Asia too. A world map canvas is the perfect wall art for established and aspiring world travelers alike, and gives you the perfect opportunity to visualize your past or future travels. Thus, I fell in love with the watercolour map canvases on Photowall. I went with a 100cm x 80cm blue watercolour map and the entire process from choosing my desired piece to ordering, shipping and delivery was executed seamlessly.

Browse the rest of their products online, or even upload your own photo for a canvas, poster, wallpaper or frame. The possibilities are endless!

Photowall ships with DHL and they accept payments via VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard and PayPal. I received my map in exactly one week, and it came in a brown eco-friendly cardboard box. The box contained four wooden pieces, four metal corner plates, sixteen easy-to-assemble screws, a wall-mount and of course the canvas cloth itself. There are instructions included which were very easy to follow. It was fun to assemble the canvas on a quiet evening in. Within half hour, the blue watercolour canvas was ready to add more wanderlust to my walls.


Wrap Up

I firmly believe that the walls of a home affect how we feel and are like blank canvases waiting for the perfect brush stroke. Thanks Photowall for adding a dash of colour, style and personality to my walls. Visit their website and start styling.

‘Til next time, folks!

Visit to browse their available products, their commitment to protecting the environment and satisfaction guarantee.

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** Disclaimer: This canvas was a gift, but opinions are my own.

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