Empowerment Park, Clarendon

If you’ve ever taken a south coast Jamaican trip, you should know of the Juici Patties Restaurant in Clarendon Park. It’s the perfect stop for a bathroom break and for grabbing food and drink on the go. However, just behind the restaurant is Empowerment Park, a verdant well-tended space which I’ve never noticed before! That’s what happens when you’re hurrying too much in life. I wasn’t hurrying today so I noticed the park and thought I’d share it with you. Much like Emancipation Park in the city of Kingston, Empowerment Park enjoys a similar ambiance. Empowerment Park was officially opened on Sunday July 10, 2016 with the aim of promoting peace and providing a chill spot in this side of the island.


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How to Find Empowerment Park

front-empowerment park
Entrance to Empowerment Park

As mentioned previously, Empowerment Park is located just behind the Juici Patties restaurant in Clarendon Park, the last major stop in Clarendon before crossing parish boundaries into Manchester. I assume their opening hours would be similar to the restaurant’s which are everyday from 6am to 11pm. Also, the space can be booked for graduations and other special events.

Empowerment Park: A Clarendon Chill Spot

Time to enjoy the tiny oasis which is Empowerment Park!

empowerment park clarendon
seats-empowerment park
Just some of the shaded seats available
empowerment park
A gate barring access to some of the other features like event-keeping facilities, available with booking of course
our heroes_empowerment park
We should always take the time out to read a tribute on our National Heroes.
empowerment park in clarendon ja
View from inside the park looking out

Wrap Up

As quoted from the Jamaica Observer: “Jukie Chin, chairman and CEO of the company, made it clear that the park is their way of saying thanks to their millions of customers all over the world. Looking ahead, he said the dream will continue with the erection of a museum to showcase Juici’s journey, as well as a netball court.” To that I say thank you too. I appreciate businesses which not only support national development but also give back to the country in tangible ways. If creating a tiny park for visitors and locals alike to enjoy while taking a rest stop in this side of the island doesn’t equal giving back then I don’t know what is. It should be interesting to see these plans develop over time.

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13 thoughts on “Empowerment Park, Clarendon

    1. That’s awesome! I love parks too. 🤗 The Redemption Song momument at Emancipation Park is certainly my favourite sculptures in the entire island. I feel a sense of pride every time I drive through New Kingston. I don’t think any other sculpture could ever come close.

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  1. What a lovely little surprise. Jamaica is definitely lacking when it comes to structured parks and designated green spaces so i love this little nook. Some swings and slides would make it perfect for those of us with families always looking for this kind of space too! But perhaps they don’t have these kinds of problems out in the country where space is always available to run and play 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s true. We certainly are lacking in these kind of spaces or they aren’t well maintained. And you’re so right! Swings and slides would do well for this park, even if ‘country’ already has lots of open spaces for children. Rides would pull more visitors and awareness to this park. Let’s see where its development reaches with time. 🙂


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