How to Use Social Media Positively

Social media often gets a bad rap, and with good reason. When used incorrectly, social media can promote negative behaviours such as body dysmorphia, eating disorders, selfishness, low self esteem, peer pressure and unrealistic views on life, appearance and identity. However, when used correctly, social media can be a good thing. Social media keeps us in touch with friends and family. Social media can serve as entertainment; I know I look forward to the memes shared daily among my friends and I. Social media can keep us abreast of current events, and teach us new things. Above all, social media can assist with personal branding and networking. I’ve met dozens of lovely people on social media– several of whom have become good friends!

Daily writing prompt
How do you use social media?

There was once a time when I used social media negatively too. I compared myself to people who didn’t even look like their pictures in real life, ha! Over the years, I have taken several social media breaks when I found my internal voice being negatively affected by the content I was seeing. However, for at least one or two years, my social media use– while a bit excessive– has become nearly 100% positive. I’ve silently unfollowed accounts of people who don’t add value to my day, or any content that seemed too far-fetched, unrealistic or was affecting me negatively in any way. I even limit my intake of the news too.

Instead, I follow only uplifting content– pages which share positive quotes, inspiring material, funny memes and of course, travel bloggers who can teach me about new places to go and things to try. With that said, while I do spend up to 3 hours a day on social media (not consecutively), at least I feel uplifted in the process. I’ve also used it to expand my creativity and grow my Adventures from Elle community. I’m happy about my small but thriving account and engaged community, and my confidence has also grown in leaps and bounds during the process.

With that said, here are 5 quick tips to use social media more positively.


How to Use Social Media Positively

  1. Unfollow, mute, restrict or even block accounts which negatively affect you in any way. It’s your feed. You’re allowed to control and filter what shows up on it.
  2. Avoid posting personal life details such as the inner workings of your relationship, job frustrations and a blow-by-blow account of your itinerary and whereabouts for your safety.
  3. Don’t use social media while out with friends and family. Living in the moment increases your happiness.
  4. Ensure that the content you put out there aligns with you, your personal brand and the image you want to represent you. Your social media accounts are viewed by your coworkers, employer and even embassies!
  5. Last but not least, always remember that your social media engagement does not define your worth or talent in any way. 🙂 Work on your self perception and happiness so that even if a post gets zero likes, you’re still satisfied with the content you put out.

Wrap Up

Here’s to being more consistent with these daily prompts. I quite enjoy doing them but I don’t do them often because I don’t want to scare away subscribers who follow expecting only one kind of content (travel). Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to practice a daily writing habit, now is the time to join! These 365 prompts a year will make an expert writer out of you in no time.

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‘Til next time.

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