Top 7 Things to Do in Las Vegas When It’s Hot

It is easy to forget that Las Vegas is in the middle of the Nevada desert until you see the sand and mountains on the city’s outskirts. The dry, hot desert environment means you will probably want to stay inside or find ways to cool off outside. Fortunately, different activities can let you do both. Below are the top seven things to do in Las Vegas when it is hot.

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1. Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

How would you like to watch an entertaining live show and cool off simultaneously? “O” is a water stunt show from the legendary production company Cirque du Soleil. The show features impressive athleticism and courage by acrobats, synchronized swimmers, and divers. The performers will splash in and out of a 1.5-million-gallon pool while demonstrating their acrobatic and swimming techniques.

Cirque du Soleil’s “O” show takes place in the O Theatre at the Bellagio Hotel. One of the seating areas at the O Theatre is a designated splash zone close to the massive pool of water. As the performers jump in and out of the pool, water splashes onto the people in the splash zone. Thus, if you want to escape the heat in Las Vegas, the “O” show gives you an interesting way to do it. Discover other shows by Cirque du Soleil using this link to access the website Vegas Lens and learn about the shows Mad Apple, Ka, Mystere, Michael Jackson ONE, and The Beatles Love.

2. Wet ‘n’ Wild

What better way to cool off in the Las Vegas heat than by visiting a spectacular water park like Wet ‘n’ Wild? This is a 26-acre water park featuring 26 fun-filled water attractions to cool you under the desert sun. There is a 1,000-foot lazy river, two speed water slides, a 360-foot multi-lane racer water slide, a wave pool, and a tornado water slide. Wet ‘n’ Wild is best experienced with friends or family. It is a water park for kids and adults of most ages to enjoy. You can have a memorable time experiencing everything Wet ‘n’ Wild has to offer on a hot day in the desert.


3. Area15

Area15 is the latest Las Vegas entertainment venue with food vendors, retail stores, live music, art displays, and fun interactive experiences. The venue theme draws inspiration from the legendary Area 51 military facility that supposedly has extraterrestrials. You may not see any aliens at Area15, but you will have an immersive experience in this unique and unworldly designed venue. How would you like to have a zip line race, virtual & alternate reality experiences, or hunt zombies? Most people love the alternate experiences at Area15 because they can transport you anywhere from Tokyo to outer space. Alien-like technology is used to make these experiences as realistic as possible. Area15 is a dark and cool indoor facility. Thus, if you need one more reason to visit, it is a chance to escape the Vegas sun and enter a new cooler environment.

4. High Roller Observation Wheel

The High Roller Observation Wheel is a great experience for many reasons. Not only do you get to ride the tallest observation wheel in the country, but you also get to cool down inside an air-conditioned 360-degree glass cabin. This gives you the best of both worlds because you can stay cool in the desert while observing the beautiful city and picturesque views from inside the glass. The 30-minute observation wheel ride takes you up to 550 feet above the ground in 15 minutes before spending another 15 minutes returning you to the ground. Tourists on foot who pass by the LINQ Hotel and wish to cool down can come to the High Roller. Riding the wheel in a spacious climate-controlled cabin only costs a small ticket fee.

5. Wow – The Vegas Spectacular

Wow – The Vegas Spectacular is another water show in Las Vegas. It offers high-quality variety entertainment featuring water stages, theatrical lighting, multimedia magic, dramatic performances, athleticism, stunts, acrobatics, and other amazing feats. This spellbinding entertainment offers the kinds of performance techniques you only see in the movies. Many people may think Wow is a Cirque du Soleil production because of the impressive acrobatic stunts and performances demonstrated. However, Wow – the Vegas Spectacular Show is not a Cirque production, and it stands alone as a well-choreographed super show featuring a variety of entertainment elements you won’t want to miss.

Wow – The Vegas Spectacular is at the Rio Showroom of the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a 90-minute show ideal for anyone hot and sweaty who wants to stay inside with air conditioning and water splashing around.


6. Arctic Ice Room

The Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace has a snow room called the Arctic Ice Room. It is an original and cool spa experience that manufactures snowfall and cold air for the spa treatment rather than heated air. There is no other spa attraction like the Arctic Ice Room. The room temperature is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping it cool but tolerable. The idea behind the Arctic Ice Room is to simulate the experience of the Ancient Romans leaving their hot baths and cooling off outside. The only difference is that you’ll be cooling off in a climate-controlled room. There is even ice to rub on your steaming skin.

7. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best things to do outside when you’re hot. Nearly every resort hotel in Las Vegas has an original swimming pool setup and design for guests. You could sit under an umbrella poolside or jump into the cool water yourself. For instance, the Mandalay Bay Hotel has an 11-acre beach featuring a lazy river, three massive swimming pools, a wave machine, and almost 3,000 tons of white beach sand to simulate an actual beach experience in the desert. It is the closest thing in Nevada that you’ll get to white sandy beaches and beautiful water. Other recommended Las Vegas swimming pool areas include the Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace, The Tank at Golden Nugget, and the Pool Complex at Resorts World.


Don’t let the Nevada sun and heat keep you down in Las Vegas. The city has plenty of ways to stay cool and still enjoy yourself.

Wrap Up

Sometimes I forget that there are many places in the world which get hotter than my sweltering Jamaican heat of 32°C. Adjusting to the unique weather, microclimates and other conditions of the places we visit is super important to stay healthy while traveling such as coming prepared for the Las Vegas desert heat and preventing altitude sickness in Cusco, Machu Picchu and other parts of the Andes mountains. Las Vegas is high on my USA bucket list so I’m happy to have received this submission/advice before visiting.

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‘Til next time.

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10 thoughts on “Top 7 Things to Do in Las Vegas When It’s Hot

  1. It’s also super dry in Nevada so you have to take care of your skin even more than normal. It’s not only hot in the summer but it is cold in the winter. When I was stranded in Reno for four days after the car accident I had, it was in October which was pretty okay weather-wise but I still had to be careful to stay warm. I kept asking my Dad, “Is it cold or is it just the fact I have a cracked rib?” and he said it wasn’t just me, so there you go

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    1. Sorry to mislead! I haven’t been but I know someone who had. Since I’m on a writing hiatus as I prep for exams, I’ve been asking for and publishing more guest posts (2 in a row). 🙂 I’ll make it a bit clearer in the article. Thanks for reading and I agree! It’s definitely on my list and I would follow my friend’s recommendations. I didn’t realize Las Vegas would be hotter than Kingston! I wouldn’t write off Las Vegas just because of what some people go there to do either. It seems like a very cool place

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  2. Your ideas for staying cool when it’s hot are excellent ones, Rochelle! They’re also perfect for anyone who wants to chill (pun intended) during the day and party all night. We’re not big on gambling, but we do love Las Vegas for everything else there is to do there. Great post!

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