Glamping & More at Hidden Springs, Saint Ann

Last month, I was invited on a special road trip sponsored by Red Stripe. Red Stripe is a refreshing lager beer best enjoyed cold and on hot sunny days. This beer has become a Jamaican cultural staple, and is generously splashed onto jerk chicken during its preparation. Thus, there was no better company than Red Stripe to gather local talents on a ‘Jamaicanness Tour‘ to celebrate Jamaica’s unique food and adventure spots. They promised a day filled with fun, food and Jamaican experiences– and delivered. Our first stop was at Hidden Springs, an idyllic gem on Jamaica’s north coast which offers several accommodation options for the discerning traveler and nature-lover. These include two guest suites, glamping tents as well as a campground where you can pick a spot, and pitch a tent. Today, let’s recap my visit to Hidden Springs.


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How to Find Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is located in the hilly outskirts of Discovery Bay in Woods Town, St. Ann. The turnoff from the A1 main road is located near to the Noranda bauxite plant. This road takes you through rural Jamaica and across a railway track, but the roads were surprisingly good, albeit narrow. GPS/Google Maps can take you there quite reliably, and there’s a sign and gate marking the entrance. The Hidden Springs property is expansive, secure and lovingly tended with well-manicured lawns, tropical flowers and trees. There’s a swimming pool, poolside dining area, outdoor bathtub, shower, restrooms, outdoor kitchen, grill and a play area for children and children at heart. The well-fruited property welcomes numerous avian visitors daily, such as the graceful endemic swallowtail hummingbird. Above all, I loved the view of sea meeting sky. I can imagine the night sky here would be even lovelier, far removed from the light pollution of the city.

The main house at Hidden Springs

Brigitte was our warm and friendly host. She orchestrated a delightful Jamaican breakfast for us consisting of: boiled food (yam, dumplings, green bananas), plantains, pear (avocado), mackerel rundown in coconut milk, okra and saltfish stew, callaloo (Jamaican spinach) and brown-stewed chicken. Drinks included chilled orange juice, cucumber-infused water, a lemongrass and mint tea station, and of course, Red Stripe beer. Brigitte caters breakfast for overnighting groups, too. In fact, your first night’s breakfast is complimentary when you book the Solae’s Castle guest suite.


Glamping in Jamaica at Hidden Springs

I think the most beautiful part of the Jamaican culture is our innovative spirit. Glamping is one of those things I’ve always seen on social media and didn’t know was available in Jamaica! Well, count on a Jamaican to introduce it here. And what’s glamping might you ask?

Glamping (noun): a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

These mega-tents allow one to soak up all the benefits of nature without skimping on modern comforts such as a warm bed and even air conditioning. The tents are whimsical, comfortable and spacious. I didn’t even have to duck to get inside. The glamping tents are located on wooden platforms to keep moisture and critters out. If you don’t require all these comforts while camping in Jamaica, do things the traditional way and save a few dollars. Find a spot and pitch a regular tent. Brigitte has tents for rental in case you don’t have your own.


Bush Bath in Jamaica

Lastly, I must mention Bush Bath. This secluded outdoor herbal bath experience at Hidden Springs is luxurious and incredibly calming. Throw in a bubble bath, flower petals and aromatherapy with scented candles. Bush Bath would make a great photo shoot opportunity.


Wrap Up

So, are you next in line for glamping in Jamaica? I hope I get to stay overnight one of these days. Check out Hidden Springs near Discovery Bay for other experiences such as outdoor weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, family reunions, photoshoots and nature retreats. Check out their website and Instagram account for more information on amenities and booking details.

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‘Til next time.

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  1. I’m not one for camping, but I’ve heard that glamping is quite the trend these days, and given its higher level of familiarity and comfort for the “urban folks” like myself, I wouldn’t mind giving glamping a try. And Jamaica might be the place to start it out! Food looked amazing, and I’m glad you had a wonderful time. 😊

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