16 Photos Showcasing the Beauty of St. Ann in Jamaica

Saint Ann is the largest parish in Jamaica, located on the island’s north coast. It is named for  Lady Anne Hyde, the first wife of King James II of England. You may know this parish for the resort town of Ocho Rios or perhaps even Runaway Bay or Discovery Bay. St. Ann lies almost smack in the middle of Jamaica and is also called the Garden Parish in light of its floral beauty. St. Ann is one of Jamaica’s oldest populated areas, tracing back to 600–650 AD. It is believed to be the earliest settlement in Jamaica. The Tainos, Jamaica’s pre-Columbian aboriginal people, were its first settlers. Christopher Columbus first landed in Jamaica at Discovery Bay, St. Ann in 1494. He eventually lived there for a year after being marooned in the Caribbean on his fourth voyage to the New World. The first Spanish settlement in Jamaica was at Sevilla la Nueva, and you can explore its colourful history today at the Seville Heritage Park. Today we take a look at 16 photos which showcase the beauty of this parish. See why we call St. Ann the Garden Parish of Jamaica.

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16 Photos of St. Ann, the Garden Parish

The gardens at Dunn’s River Falls

Wrap Up

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34 thoughts on “16 Photos Showcasing the Beauty of St. Ann in Jamaica

  1. I am in love with so many places in Jamaica, it is hard to pinpoint where you want to go. Your blog is amazing and I think separating it by parish is genius. St. Ann area with Konoko falls and white river looks like a good mix of rivers, waterfalls and beaches and touristy stuff. Great post 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, dear! St. Ann is definitely a great mix of everything. Portland is lovely but it’s not great for nightlife (literally everywhere is closed by 7) and food options can be slim. However, St. Ann has literally everything. Nature, beaches, food and nightlife, you name it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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