10 Affordable Places to Stay in Jamaica

Over the past few weeks I’ve shared lists of the best places to stay in Jamaica under categories such as hotels, villas and eco-lodges. Those lists were not necessarily budget-friendly, so I knew I had to make one for the average traveler. Most travelers are not traveling because they are rich, myself included. We travel because we have an insatiable desire to see the world around us, experience new cultures and meet new people. As a result, it is important for frequent travelers to spend wisely. Staying at budget-friendly accommodations is a good way to stretch those travel dollars. Here are 10 affordable places to stay in Jamaica (prices included).


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Now for the article.

1. Deja Resort 📍 Montego Bay

Taken from kayak.com

Deja Resort is centrally located on Gloucester Avenue, popularly known as Montego Bay’s Hip Strip. This 93-room no-frills resort is located 5 minutes away from Jamaica’s busiest airport, and is also perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy either a fast-paced night out on the town or a quiet restful day at the beach. What’s lovely about this hotel is that it’s Jamaican-owned and all-inclusive. Therefore, for one upfront price guests can enjoy three meals a day, drinks and the resort’s facilities such as its bar, outdoor pool and the nearby Doctor’s Cave Beach. Room rates start at US$181/night, which is very affordable for an all-inclusive hotel.


2. Holiday Inn 📍 Montego Bay 

Source: kayak.com

I spent my birthday here in 2019 and had a lovely time. Holiday Inn is an affordable family-friendly all-inclusive hotel located in Montego Bay. The all-inclusive package includes activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, volleyball, fitness classes and table tennis. Enjoy the private beach, outdoor pools and Tek It Easy artificial island. The hotel offers a main buffet and four a-la-carte restaurants which feature seafood, Caribbean, Japanese or Italian cuisine. Good food and an attractive resort at fair prices make Holiday Inn a great deal for locals too. Prices start at US$200 per double occupancy room nightly.

3. Ragamuffin Hostel 📍 Kingston

Source: booked.net

Ragamuffin Café and Hostel operate on the premise that there are no strangers in the world, only friends you have not met yet. That explains why their café and hostel are great places to meet interesting people. This hostel is located in a safe and central part of Kingston at 74 Lady Musgrave Road. The staff is friendly and helpful, and can direct you to nearby must-see Kingston spots such as Devon House, Emancipation Park, Bob Marley Museum and the Peter Tosh Museum. They can even help you safely venture off-the-beaten-path. Shared hostel-style rooms are available with washing facilities, a kitchen and garden. Prices start at US$46/night. Even if hostels aren’t your style, still check out the café. It’s a great spot to connect with other travelers and make friends, which is why it made my list of 10 best cafes to visit in Kingston.


4. Toby’s Resort 📍 Montego Bay

Taken from tobys-resort.com

Toby’s Resort in Montego Bay is a small family-owned boutique hotel in Montego Bay. The hotel features an on-site restaurant, spa, conference room and other useful features such as private airport shuttle. Toby’s Resort is located on Kent Avenue, a stone’s throw from Montego Bay’s Hip Strip and the Doctor’s Cave Beach. Enjoy the privilege of vacationing at a central location, but without paying too much. Prices start at around US$120 per two guests each night.

5. Backpackers Hostel 📍 Kingston

Source: tripadvisor.com

Backpackers Hostel is located in the capital city of Kingston in Constant Spring, right at the foot of the mountains. It offers free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, garden, airport shuttle, laundry facilities, luggage storage and meeting rooms. Every room at Backpackers Hostel features a refrigerator and all the essentials for a comfortable stay. Prices start at US$38/night. Guests and non-guests can check out the on-site Lazy Lizard Café and Bar.


6. Xtabi on the Cliffs 📍 Negril

Source: http://www.xtabijamaica.com

Xtabi Resort is a chic boutique hotel located at the Negril West End cliffs and perched high above the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The waters below the property offer a memorable snorkeling and swimming experience. Their onsite restaurant and bar try to source mostly local ingredients, including ackees picked straight from trees on the property. This trendy resort encourages support of the local community and can arrange for excursions to nearby attractions such as beautiful mineral pools and waterfalls. Prices start at US$67/standard room each night during off season.

7. Luxe Beach Resort 📍 Discovery Bay

Source: booking.com

This small 9-room boutique hotel is located in Discovery Bay on Jamaica’s north coast. The area is so-called because it is said that this is where Christopher Columbus landed when he “discovered” Jamaica in 1494. The beach is a 5-minute walk from the hotel property, and there is a television in each room, laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi and an outdoor pool. Breakfast is provided daily at US$12. Prices start at US$140/night for double occupancy.


The next three places were on my boutique hotel list, but deserve a mention when discussing affordable places to stay in Jamaica.

8. Lashings Boutique Hotel 📍 Treasure Beach

View from Lashing’s Penthouse. Source: tripadvisor.com

The bohemian south coast town of Treasure Beach is home to the Lashing’s Boutique Resort which has 11 hotel rooms, two penthouses, eight beach club suites and five villas. The main hotel is nestled into the mountain with a delightful view of the coast, while the smaller beach club opens directly onto the beach. There is a shuttle available between both locations. This artsy hotel has ceramics and other local pieces on sale, while the Treetop Restaurant caters to all palates with gourmet pizzas and a mix of local and international fare. Lashing’s Resort is very affordable with prices starting at US$60/night for the beach club suite.

9. Luna Sea Inn 📍 Belmont

Taken from tripadvisor.com

Luna Sea Inn is located in the quiet fishing village of Bluefields on Jamaica’s west coast, near Belmont. The perfect blend of history and modern convenience, this hotel’s 9 unique rooms and suites open onto a small beach. Stroll the beach in the mornings then curl up in their beachfront gazebos with a book or drink and snack as the day passes. There are non-motorized sports available such as kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boarding, as well as seasonal seaside dining at the Cracked Conch Restaurant. The Pufferfish rooms start at US$135/night.

10. Sea Cliff Hotel 📍 East Portland

My photo

Located in the sleepy rural community of Long Bay, Sea Cliff offers a rustic tranquil setting. There’s a saltwater pool on the property with an almost completed swim-up bar, board games and spa services. The sparse offerings in activities provide a perfect opportunity to unwind and unplug. Each room has a balcony with an unbroken view of the cliffs, which allow one to admire a divine sunset and listen to the soothing omnipresent crash of waves along the craggy coast. Jamaican breakfast at the Cliff Hanger Restaurant is included in the room rate, and the staff is very courteous and friendly. Prices for this hotel start at US$165 per night.

Honorary Mentions include:

  • The Pulse Rooms at Trafalgar. Prices start at US$90/night.
  • Reggae Hostel in both Kingston and Montego Bay. Prices start at US$40/night.
  • Kaz Kreol Beach Lodge Retreat in Ocho Rios. Prices start at US$120/night.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this list of affordable places to stay in Jamaica. Look out for a few more lists in coming weeks, and subscribe to ensure you don’t miss them! Share, pin and bookmark this list to help you plan your Jamaican vacation, and make sure to pick up my Jamaica guide on Amazon to help you explore the best of the island. Lastly, I’m really excited to be traveling internationally soon. Leave some guesses below about where you think I’ll be headed and subscribe so you can find out if you were correct. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates on my adventures.

Take care! Until next time.

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19 thoughts on “10 Affordable Places to Stay in Jamaica

  1. some wonderful options here! Thanks for sharing! I have stayed in too many hostels over the years, and as fun as they were, now that im in my ‘old age’ i think my hostel days are, mostly, over. but some times you can find a private room that is great value and comfortable, and you get to meet loads of people and you can cook for yourself and save more money that way.

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    1. Haha right? I wanted to visit Rockhouse before but after seeing Xtabi’s prices which is also located on the same cliff, I may just visit there instead for my birthday later this year. I’ve never stayed at a hostel but I don’t think I want to unless I’m traveling in a large group of friends and we’re all sharing the room

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah, I need a tad more privacy & security when I’m sleeping than a hostile offers. But in an extremely desperate situation or for budget reasons at an expense destination I might consider it, just might, you never know.

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  2. Awesome article Dr. Knight. This is a very good list and as an independent travel agent I fully agree this information shared…Will definitely share this article…All the best…

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  3. Lovely list! While I don’t think I’ll ever go back to hostels, I hesitate to go for resorts, just because I envision them being for those who have the money. Hotels (especially the Sea Cliff Hotel) sounds like my jam, but who knows…with reasonable prices, the resorts are calling my name! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t travelled internationally as much yet so I’ve never needed to stay at a hostel, but I don’t think I’d like it very much. Small boutique hotels are more my speed and I think they’d suit you nicely too. The resorts can be great once you choose an inexpensive one 🙂

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