365 Days of Things to See, Do & Eat in Jamaica

As a New Year approaches, I wonder how many Jamaicans and regular visitors to Jamaica know about this 365 days of Jamaica list. Published by jamaicans.com four years ago, this list gives you one new activity to do in Jamaica for every day of the year.


Several are duplicates which is unfortunate because there are that many activities to do in Jamaica. Some would require months or even years of saving to make them possible and as a Jamaican, some are hilarious such as have Christmas dinner with a Jamaican family (the audience was perhaps intended to be foreign). Also, some of the places or activities listed are no longer available. That being said, I discovered this list about two years ago and it has become a master bucket list for me. Thus, for 2020 I gave publishing my own bucket lists a rest and instead published this list I’m most fond of. It has been reworded for clarity and duplicates plus activities no longer available have been removed, making this count less than 365 activities. At the time of publishing this piece, I’ve only completed 26% (86) of its activities. Let’s see where 2020 takes me.

Where to Visit

  • Take a Ride Down Holland Bamboo Avenue
  •  Visit the Birthplace of Poet Claude McKay
  • See the Restored Persian Water Wheel in Falmouth
  • See the Royal Accommodations at DeMontevin Lodge
  • Don’t Miss a Chance to Tour Kingston
devon house mansion
Touring Kingston
  • Retreat into the Grand Ridge View and Bamboo Grove Campsites
  • Visit the Bay View Spa
  • Whistle Up Some Relaxation at Whistling Bird
  • Visit The Village of Bath

  • entrance to-bath botanical garden
    Bath Botanical Gardens
  • Travel Through History at the Outameni Experience
  • Feed Hummingbirds at Rockland Bird Sanctuary
  • Have a Seafood Feast at Hellshire Beach
  • Visit the Village of St. George
  • Get Relaxed at Shan Shy Fishing Beach
  • Head Over to the Hanover Museum
  • See the World War II Refuge: Gibraltar Camp
  • Visit the Bank of Jamaica’s Money Museum
  • Encounter Ghosts at the Edinburgh Castle
  • Trace the Steps of Pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny
  • Visit Ward Theatre, an Icon of Jamaican Culture
  • See What’s Left of the Bog Walk Tube
  • Learn More about Marcus Garvey with a Visit to Liberty Hall
  • Go to Stony Gut
  • Refresh at the Rockfort Spa

  • img-20170127-wa0003_wm
    Rockfort Spa
  • Stop at Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  • Learn More: Marcus Garvey Reading Room
  • Visit 32 Market Street in St. Ann’s Bay
  • Party at Skyline Drive
  • Enjoy the Street Art on Fleet Street holding hands at fleet street
  • See the Sites in Salem, Westmoreland
  • Family Fun at Fort Clarence Beach
  • Seaford Town: A Post-Slavery European Creation
  • Pay Your Respects to Nanny of the Windward Maroons
  • Play at Plumb Point Lighthouse
  • Make a Trip to Maidstone
  • Follow the Steps of Colonials on the Flat Bridge
  • Bridge the Gap: Spanish Town’s Historic Cast Iron Bridge
  • Take Part in the Taino Heritage Camp
  • Visit the Portland Bight Protected Area
  • Check Out Colbeck Castle
  • See Some History at Old Harbor Bay
  • Pay Your Respects at the Rio Nuevo Battle Site
  • Take a Stroll through Cinchona Botanical Garden
  • Take a Tour of Mico College
  • Take the High Road & visit Lime Tree Farm

  • inviting lime tree farm entrance
    Lime Tree Farm
  • Take a Dip at Frenchman’s Cove
  • Retreat to the Swift River
  • Visit the Goat Islands
  • Learn Something at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus
  • Take A Tour of Independence Park
  • See an Artifact of the Sugar Era: Drax Hall Waterwheel
  • Jamaica’s Industrial Past: The Kenilworth Ruins
  • Get Educated on a Visit to Jamaica College
  • Make It Legal: Visit Savanna-la-mar Court House
  • Sail Over to Pedro Bank
  • All In for the Alhambra Inn and Restaurant
  • Honor Jamaica’s Heritage at the Greenvale Railway Station
  • Enjoy an Eco-Tour at Highland Estate
  • Culture and Creativity beyond Reggae at the Sam Sharpe Square’s Montego Bay Cultural Center

  • montego bay civic centre
    Montego Bay Cultural Centre
  • “Heal Thyself” at Doctor’s Cave Bathing Club
  • Discover the Great House at Annandale Estate
  • Check Out the Crossroads of Jamaica at Half-Way Tree
  • Not so Gruesome Bloody Bay
  • Check Out the Geddes Estate
  • See the Training Ground of the Jamaican Defense Force
  • Don’t Miss William Grant Park in Kingston
  • Wade in the Waters at Walter Fletcher Beach
  • Travel to Trident Castle
  • Make a Trek through Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park
  • Bamboo River Rafting on the Martha Brae River
  • See Pictographs at Mountain River Cave
  • Refresh Yourself at the Bowden Hill Waterfall

  • bowden-hill-elle
    Bowden Hill Waterfall
  • Get to Know Konoko Falls
  • Take Your Time at Kwame Falls
  • Experience the Music of Reggae Falls
  • Enjoy the 14 Cascading Waters of Turtle River Falls
  • See the Secrets of Scatter Falls
  • Visit the Hidden Gem that Is Cane River Falls
  • Take a Trip to Tacky Falls

  • elle-tacky-2017
    Tacky Falls
  • Good Hope Estate Park for Thrill Seekers
  • Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls: Cruise Tours with Snorkeling
  • Hike in to Nanny Falls and Its Legendary Healing Waters
  • Swim, Play, and Eat at Cosmo’s in Negril
  • Take a Drive through the Blue Mountains
  • Soak It Up at Bubbling Spring Mineral Bath
  • Follow the Maroon Trail “Cunha Cunha Pass”
  • Meet the Crocodiles in the Black River

  • croc sighting-black river safari
    Black River Safari
  • Make a Splash at Makka Beach
  • Travel to Tapioca Village for Some Real Relaxation
  • Do Some “Wastin’ Away” in Margaritaville
  • Enjoy Falmouth by Trolley
  • Get Inspired at Port Antonio’s Carriacou Gallery
  • Go birdwatching.
  • Cave Exploration in Trelawny
  • Outback Adventure at Prospect Plantation
  • Cabarita River, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica
  • Visit Hanover’s Animal Farm & Nature Reserve
  • Hike the Little Dunn’s River Trail
  •  The Legend (and Reality) of Folly Ruins
  • Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery and Garden
  • Jamaica’s Best Hideout: the Green Grotto Caves

  • green grotto
    Green Grotto Caves
  • Explore Jamaica’s Colonial History at Columbus Park
  • Visit Columbus’ First Landing Spot at Puerto Seco Beach
  • Speed at Kool Runnings Water Park
  • Climb Dunn’s River Falls
  • Dive into Port Royal
  • The Gardens of Somerset Falls
  • Check Out the Windsor Caves
  • See the Heart of Sugar-Producing Jamaica at Petersfield
  • Reaching for Reach Falls

  • couple-reach falls
    Reach Falls
  • Bamboo Rafting on the Rio Grande River
  • Rose Hall in Montego Bay
  • Ride Through St. Ann in Style: Chukka Cove
  • Mammee Bay Beach
  • Have a Luminous Experience at Glistening Waters
  • Take on the Waters at Bath Springs
  • Visit Navy Island in Port Antonio
  • Silver Sands Beach
  • Go Wild at Mayfield Falls
  • Treasure Beach
  • Rick’s Cafe in Negril

  • ricks cafe 1
    Rick’s Cafe
  • Visit the Lighthouse in Negril
  • Negril Seven Mile Beach
  • The Dome at Jackies on the Reef
  • Enjoy Nature at Zimbali in Westmoreland
  • Hope for Endangered Animals at Hope Zoo
  • Paintball Fun at Paintball Jamaica
  • Boat In to Lime Cay
  • Don’t Miss Dub Club: The Best Party in Kingston
  • Turn the Clock Back at Seville Heritage Park

  • seville greathouse
    Seville Greathouse
  • A Learning Experience: The Institute of Jamaica
  • Savor the Aroma: Mavis Bank Coffee Factory
  • Pal around the Royal Palms Nature Reserve
  • See the Guns of Fort Haldane
  • Stand Up in the Giddy House
  • Check out the Wonders of Lovers Leap
  • Hats Off to the Heroes: National Heroes Park
  • Find Your Thrill at Strawberry Hill
  • Sail to Floyd’s Pelican Bar

  • leaving pelican bar 2
    Heading to Pelican Bar
  • Hike Up Heron Hill
  • Revitalize at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring
  • Tune Up Your Soul at the Trenchtown Reading Center
  • Get in Touch with Reggae’s Heritage & Where Bob Marley grew up
  • Cruise the Cockpit Country
  • Muy Bueno! The Rio Bueno Seaside Village
  • Enjoy a Piece of Paradise (Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park)
  • Wander the Island Wild through Fern Gully
  • Wile Away the Time at Water Square
  • Repent Like a Pirate in St. Peter’s Church
  • See the Bubbling Springs at Firewater Pond
  • Explore the Lighthouse at Morant Point
  • Make a Visit to Mandeville
  • Appreciate Art at the National Gallery of Jamaica
  • Stop and Smell the Flowers: Cranbrook Flower Forest
  • Spend the Day in Harmony at Harmony Hall.
  • Pay Your Respects to William Knibb
  • Experience Falmouth’s Heritage
  • Get Bullish about Bull Bay’s Bobo Camp
  • Take in an Exhibit at National Art Gallery West
  • Enjoy Peace and Quiet at Holywell Park

  • cabinfever-holywell
  • Don’t Miss Alligator Pond
  • Take a Tour of Malvern
  • Visit River Bumpkin Farm
  • Go Underground at Cave Valley
  • Visit Firefly House, Home of Noel Coward
  • Check Out Lacovia
  • Visit the New Burwood Beach
  • Winnifred Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Mallards Beach
  • Steer Town Beach
  • Time Travel at Bellefield Great House & Gardens
  • Take a Drive from Treasure Beach to Black River
  • Cornwall Beach
  • Boston Bay Beach

  • steps leading to boston beach
    Boston Beach


    Where to Stay

    alone bed bedroom blur
    • Make a Move to Mangos Jamaica
    • Enjoy a Stay at Melia Braco Village Jamaica
    • Give In to Hedonism II
    • Get Away From It All: Sunset at the Palms
    • Have a Holiday in Paradise at Jewel Paradise Cove
    • Drive Like a Reggae Legend at Geejam
    • Everything Eco at Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins
    • Live the Lushness at Strawberry Fields Together
    • Make a Splash at Jewel Lagoon Water Park
    • Escape to the Rustic Bloomfield Guest House and Banquet Hall
    • Avoid The Crowded Resorts With A Stay At The Blue House
    • Take the Family to Half Moon Resort
    • An All-Inclusive Sun Spot: Sunscape Cove
    • Spend a Family Day at Franklyn D Resort and Spa
    • Stay in Your Own Private Caribbean Cove at Tensing Pen Resort
    • Enjoy an All-Inclusive Stay at the Jewel of Runaway Bay Resort
    • Check In to Hand-Crafted Hermosa Cove
    • Sleep on the Cliffs of Negril
    • Enjoy the View from the Laughing Treehouse
    • Rustic and Luxurious Living at Great Huts
    • Life Is Better in a Beach Hut
    • Stay on the Cliffs at the Rockhouse Hotel
    • Samsara Resort: Small and Quiet with Ocean Views
    • Sleep in a treehouse in the Rainforest at Kanopi House
    • Take Your Sweetheart to Couples Tower Isle


    What to Do

    photo of man riding on brown horse on ocean water
    • Horseback Ride from Ocho Rios or Runaway Bay
    • Take an ATV Ride from Negril to Sandy Bay
    • Participate in a Community Walk-About
    • Hike through Rasta Country
    • Spend a Saturday at the Races
    • Tube the Good River
    • Board the River
    • Take a Trip in a Glass-Bottom Boat
    • Don’t Miss the Mento
    • Slip on the Snorkel in Negril
    • Splurge on a Spa Treatment at Fern Tree Spa
    • Watch a Game of Cricket at Sabina Park
    • Shop at the Gallery of West Indian Art
    • Visit Half Way Tree to Watch a Sporting Event
    • Get Some Exercise with a View
    • Take a Tour of a Bauxite Mine
    • Have a Birding Adventure in Mandeville at Marshall’s Pen
    • Birdwatching at Orange River Ranch
    • Consider a Catamaran Cruise
    •  Experience the Thrill of Deep Sea Sport Fishing
    • Do Some Shopping at the Craft Market
    • Ride High with Kiteboarding
    • Downhill Bike Tour in the Blue Mountains
    • Don’t Leave Jamaica without souvenirs
    • Play a Few Holes at the Manchester Country Club
    • Jamaica Whitewater Expedition
    • Play a Game of Ludo
    • Play Dominoes with Jamaicans
    four people playing dominoes
    A game of dominoes
    • Take a Ride on the Zion Bus Line
    • Sample the Surfing at Jamnesia
    • Go on an Adventure with South Coast Off-Road Safari
    • Get Down to the Roots at Inna De Yard
    • Volunteer Your Time and Help a Community
    • Go Coasting: Chukka Ocean Safari
    • Horses and History on the Heritage Beach Horse Ride
    • Go for the Big Ones: Deep Sea Fishing
    • Take to the Air with Parasailing
    Stock Photo
    • Take to the Air with Parasailing
    • Tour Prospect Plantation: by Jitney and Camel
    • All Aboard for an ATV Adventure
    • Meet CHAMPS in Kingston
    • Check the Vibe at a Rastafari Village
    • Clear Your Head at Mystic Mountain
    • Spend a Saturday at the Brownstown Market
    • Visit a Jamaican EDM Festival
    • Get Rid of Your Blues with Jazz and Martinis
    • Go Rafting on the White River
    • Play Golf on the Rose Hall Estate
    • Dance the Night Away
    • Feel the Music at Rebel Salute
    • Go Fishing


    Food & Drink

    • Have a Bite at Lillian’s Restaurant
    • Celebrate Bussu in Swift River
    • Have Lobster at Cynthia’s
    • Sip Some Sorrel: Jamaica’s Traditional Christmas Beverage
    • Have a Slice of Jamaican Christmas Cake
    • Get Some Jerk
    • Live It Up at the Houseboat Grill
    • Stop For Fresh Fruit at the Sun Valley Plantation
    • Take Some Recreation at Redbones Blues Café
    • Give In to Your Tastebuds with the Seafood Market in St. James
    • Take Your Taste Buds on a History Tour through Falmouth & St. Ann
    • Dine on Lobsters at Booby Cay Island
    • The Zimbali Retreat’s Five-Course Farm-to-Table Meal
    • Go for the Crayfish at Soldier Camp
    • Celebrate Italian-Jamaican Fusion Cuisine
    • Join in the Jamaican Food and Drink Festival
    • Expand Your Dining Horizons with Jamaican Chinese Food
    • Savor Soursop Juice
    • Beverages at the Bar: Bamboo Blu in Mammee Bay
    • Relax at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge
    • The Best Thing on the Island: Fresh Fruit
    • Glory Be to the Gizzada
    • The Pleasure of Plantains
    • Grab a Plate of Rice and Peas, Please
    • Enjoy Belinda’s on the Rio Grande
    • Enjoy the Bounty of the Caribbean Sea with Escovitche
    • Try Jamaica’s Tasty Alternative to Spinach
    • Jumping for Joy over the Jamaican Patty
    devon house lobster patty
    Jamaican patty
  • Required for Visitors: Partake of Jamaica’s National Dish
  • Find the Flavors of Jamaica in Great House Style
  • Have Brunch at the Boon Hall Oasis
  • Just Stop By Just Natural in Negril
  • Try the Fancy Seafood Bar and Grill in Ocho Rios
  • Try Some Jamaican Street Food

  • maxresdefault
    Pan chicken, Jamaican street food
  • Start Your Day the Jamaican Way with a local breakfast
  • Get Your Fast Food Here (patties, Island Grill etc.)
  • Enjoy a Surfer’s Paradise at Longboarder’s Bar & Grill
  • Experience the Seahorse Grill
  • Do the Crop-to-Table Tour at Stush in the Bush Organic Farm
  • Have Drinks at the Montego Bay Yacht Club
  • The Ultimate Spicy Food Challenge: Peppered Shrimp

  • peppered shrimp
    Pepper shrimps
  • Rum on the Appleton Estate
  • Enjoy a Meal In Little Ochi
  • Dives and Deals: Jerk Chicken at Three Dives Jerk Center
  • The Real Deal: Conch Chowder at Dor’s Fish Pot
  • Jerk at the Pushcart Restaurant and Rum Bar
  • Love Your Lunch: Eat at Ibo Spice
  • Coronation Market: The Stomach of Jamaica
  • Rockhouse Restaurant
  • Something Good: The Historic Sugar Mill Restaurant
  • The Taste of Tradition at Scotchies in Montego Bay
  • Seafood and Sunsets on Pier 1
  • Get the “Run Down” and Try Some Run Down
  • X Marks the Spot: Xtabi at West End
  • Eat Bun and Cheese: An Easter Tradition
  • Dine at Sharkies
  • Sky Beach Bar and Seafood Grill
  • Savor a Chocolate Feast at Mount Pleasant Farm
  • The Pudding Man: Eat a Perfect Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding
  • Eat Ice Cream at Devon House ice cream from devon house
  • Drink Coffee and Hike in Blue Mountains National Park
  • Have Dinner in a Cave
  • Enjoy Fine Dining at Jamaica Inn
  • 25/64

    Seasonal Experiences

    • Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday in February
    • Spend the Second Sunday in July at the Seafood Carnival
    • Spend Christmas Day with a Jamaican Family
    • Visit the Christmas Eve Grand Market
    • Attend a Christmas Concert
    • Munchies at the Montego Bay Jerk Festival
    • Savor the Joy of Jerk at the Portland Jerk Festival
    • Get Edgy: Kingston’s Edge Urban Art Festival
    • Listen to Stories at the Calabash Literary Festival
    • Taste the Legacy of India at the Westmoreland Curry Festival
    • Celebrate Carnival in Jamaica
    • Accompong Maroon Festival
    • Experience A Jamaican New Year’s Day


    December 2022 Update: 103/329=31%

    Wrap Up

    As mentioned in the introduction, this list is not my original work; it is taken from jamaicans.com but has been edited for clarity, practicality and currency. It’s a list I’ve been fond of for several years and I hope you were already aware it existed. Regardless, I trust you’ll find this format easier to follow. Best wishes for this holiday season and look out for my 2019 recap in two days. Thanks for your support this year. ❤ ✌🏽

    Until the next post, keep up with Elle on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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