Fish Dunn Falls, Portland

Last month I decided to see what lies beyond the road to Holywell and what awaited was a pleasant surprise. I’d intended to visit at least one more waterfall from the parish of Portland going by this list of all the waterfalls in Jamaica, but ended up seeing three: Cascade waterfall, an unnamed pair and this mesmerizing beauty named Fish Dunn/Done Falls in the community of Silver Hill.

Fish done falls graphic

Would you believe it if I told you we didn’t even have to hike? This stunner is located next to the main road! You can drive or cycle right up to it. Barely any cars pass here on a daily basis but if you’re self-conscious about bathing right next to a road, just stare at the water for a bit and you’ll get over yourself.


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How to Find Fish Dunn Falls

driving thru the blue mountains
Welcome to the Blue Mountains, my happy place.
twin waterfalls
Twin beauties we passed en route to Fish Dunn Falls

Fish Done Falls is just under two hours from urban Papine and even shorter on the way back since the return trip is downhill. It’s about an hour’s drive beyond the entrance to the mountain park of Holywell, and midway between these two points is the community of Cascade and its waterfall. The road quality to get there wasn’t too bad on my trip, a pothole here and a pothole there, and occasionally we used our horn where the road narrowed to single lane traffic but there were only perhaps two places where that occurred. The views of the Blue and John Crow Mountains and its valleys are divine and the air is refreshingly cool, light and unpolluted. I would breathe this air every day of my life if I could.

When I visited, however, there was a recently erected fence– so recent in fact that my guide was startled because there wasn’t one there previously. While it didn’t bar my group access, the fence may be a sign of impending commercialization to yet another of Jamaica’s treasures. Enjoy it free while it lasts.


Arriving at Fish Dunn Waterfall

fish done falls
Fish Dunn Falls in Silver Hill, Portland. A little sliver of heaven 😍
look how big it is
A closer view. Look how big it is!

Brrrrrr! Located in the middle of a mountain range, you can imagine how cold the water was. Nonetheless, it was too beautiful to not get inside or even at least wet your toes like two friends from my quartet did. The water is deep and it’s possible to jump in from above. A community resident-turned-informal-lifeguard made it his point of duty to demonstrate just that for us and the huge splash was actually very dramatic and exciting to witness. None of my friends were having it today though– one in particular was still nursing some fatigue from a recent Reach Falls trip which quickly turned into a wet slippery (but enjoyable of course!) hike. I spent a lot of my time sitting on a rock near the middle of the natural pool which gives a dreamy view of the entire surroundings, and that immersed me up to about waist-deep. There’s a makeshift changing room right next to it too. Beautiful unspoilt high-mountain rugged Jamaican hospitable countryside truly doesn’t get any better than this.


Wrap Up

fish dunn

Again, a huge thank you to the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust and its lovely office staff and rangers who make my trip and similar trips to this slice of paradise possible. Find out more about the work this organization does and support if you can. Jamaica is truly paradise if you can overlook her problems, and its natural environment is a jewel and resource we must protect for those to come. I rate Fish Dunn Falls full 5 stars, ☆☆☆☆☆ and if you liked this waterfall, you’ll LOVE (from top left to bottom right):

Where have you reached in your personal bucket list of seeing Jamaica’s waterfalls? I’m now at 16 and counting, and yes, Fish Dunn Falls maks another item checked off of 2019’s local bucket travel list. 😊 Let me know which and how many Jamaican waterfalls you’ve visited down below. ⤵️

Stay in touch. ‘Til next time. ✌🏽

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    1. I gave the directions from Papine in Kingston under the ‘getting there’ heading. I know it can be approached from Buff Bay but I’ve never taken that route. It should be easier though as the waterfall is closer to Buff Bay than it is to Kingston. Perhaps Google Maps could help.


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