Bucket List Jamaica 2019

I have a long ever-growing mental list of places to visit in Jamaica, ever since I came to the realization in 2016 that I barely know my island at all. In 2017 I was perhaps a tad bit too ambitious, setting out to see 17 places in ’17 and only accomplishing 8 of them. That being said, I saw a whole lot more than 8 places that year, 25 to be exact. This shows that life is fluid. While I create these lists for fun and to motivate you all (and myself) to go out & see interesting corners of Jamaica, I have and will likely veer far from it every year, all in good fun.

For 2018, I was more realistic with 8 in ’18, and managed to visit 5 places plus one of my honorary mentions, and again, I ended up travelling way more than that anyway to 18 places in total.

Throwback to 2018’s List [X]

《6/10》at the time.


Throwback to 2017’s List [X]

《8/17》 at the time.


2019’s Bucket List

With that said, here’s to more travel and meaningful life experiences with awesome people this year, and here are the places I hope you and I will check off: NINE in ‘NINETEEN.

YS Falls

1. Zipline above waterfalls at YS Falls, St. Elizabeth.

pelican bar

2. Have a beer at sea: Pelican Bar, off the coast of St. Elizabeth.

3. Explore the tropical paradise of Mayfield Falls, Westmoreland.

4. Feed hummingbirds by hand at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, St. James.

puerto seco beach

5. Be a beach bum for a day at the newly renovated Puerto Seco Beach, St. Ann.


6. Wash off in the healing radioactive waters of Milk River Spa, Clarendon.

7. Reason with Jamaican Maroons at the Charles Town Maroon Festival in Portland.

fish done falls

8. Splash in another off-the-beaten-path waterfall at the Fish Dunn Falls in Portland.

9. Hike to the highest botanical garden in the Western hemisphere, Cinchona Botanical Gardens, St. Andrew.

As usual, no pictures are included of the places (of course I wouldn’t have my own pictures of these places yet 😅 and I’m not risking copyright infringement!) This article will be updated after each adventure so bookmark it and check back periodically throughout 2019 to see how I’m getting on.

Have you been to any of these places? How was it? Where do you plan to explore this year? 🤗

As this is my final post for 2018, I would like to wish everyone a million thanks for reading, liking, subscribing, commenting or just showing any kind of support for my blog over the past 2 years. It’s really been the most fulfilling hobby I’ve ever taken up in my twenty odd years of existence.

‘Til next year! ✌🏽

2019’s Result: 4/9 (44%) accomplished.

For 2020, I took a break from publishing my own list and shared with you instead 365 Days of Things to See, Do & Eat in Jamaica, inspired by jamaicans.com.


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17 thoughts on “Bucket List Jamaica 2019

  1. Hello again 😉 These bucket lists reminds me on our own constantly growing very ambitious lists. Mayfield Falls is one of our favorite waterfalls in Jamaica. I think you will like it too. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary was a half-half experience to us, but it’s worth to get in touch with the hummingbirds!

    Some of the spots you mentioned in your 2019 list are on our bucket list for 2019 too, but unfortunately our yearly time in Jamaica is very limited. We would like to visit the Pelican Bar again in march, if it fits into your plans, you are invited to have a beer with us there 🙂 Some beaches in St.Ann are on our list too. Soon we will share the travel plans in connection with preparings for our 2019 Jamaica tour.

    But first we take a break from posting and draw a big breath for the upcoming year. For 2019 we wish you the very best for you personally, your studies and health. Greetings- Dörthe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much Dörthe! I wish you all the good life has to offer too for 2019 & beyond, and that it’s all you wish & more. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I definitely think I’ll like Mayfield Falls too. Hope you make the most of your experience when next you visit. Sending warm tropical breezes your way!

      Take care, Rochelle. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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