Three Jamaican Beauty Brands You Should Know & Support

Inspiration to write this article popped into my head over the weekend as I restocked my beauty must-haves, but it wasn’t until the Google Doodle reminder of International Women’s Day on March 8 that I committed to writing it. Why? Well, my favourite Jamaican beauty brands all happen to be female-owned too! Thus, in belated celebration of International Women’s Day this week, here are three Jamaican natural hair and skin care product brands which I believe you should know and support.

Yes, self care is for men too!

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1. Soma Glow

I used Dr. Glow’s products to clear hyperpigmentation scars which lingered from my teenage acne years, so I can give her products my stamp of approval because they work! Soma Glow Ltd. is a Jamaican skin care brand which was launched in February 2021 and has already been achieving huge success. Its founder, Dr. Shani J. Mortley (also known as Dr. Glow), specialized in Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine after obtaining her primary medical degree from the UWI Mona in Kingston, Jamaica.

Her skin care line offers the best cruelty-free, vegan and unisex options to tackle common skin care woes such as hyperpigmentation, acne, oily or dry skin, aging skin and ingrown hairs. Soma Glow went on to expand its offerings in 2022 with a skin centre which provides non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures such as facial rejuvenation, laser hair removal, laser treatment of acne and micro-needling. Check out my 2021 interview with Dr. Glow here as she shares insights into her unconventional medicine and entrepreneurial pursuits.

  • My Favourite Soma Products: Body Glow C-Glow Drops, Soma Rose Gold Glow Moisturizer, Body Glow C-Glow Scrub.
  • Find Soma Glow: On their website and on Instagram.

2. Dee’s Natural Beauty Bar

Dee’s Natural Beauty Bar is an online registered natural hair and skin care store that operates from Mandeville, Manchester. Dee’s catalogue features a variety of natural products such as castor oil, neem oil, aloe vera oil, lip balms, glosses, bonnets and her specialty: handmade soaps. Dee’s soaps are made from turmeric, neem and moringa, among other things, and her inspiration to create this line stemmed from her own skin care woes as she grappled with sensitive skin as a symptom of autoimmune illness.

What’s even more admirable about Dee’s Natural Beauty Bar is that its founder, Davia Dwyer RN, manages to run her company while working full-time as a surgical nurse. Talk about boss babe! Why I love Dee’s products? Her turmeric line has helped to brighten and tone my skin. Check out my 2020 interview with Dee’s founder here.

  • My Favourite Dee Products: Turmeric soap, turmeric face wash, coconut lip balms.
  • Find Dee: On Instagram, and at pop-ups and expos islandwide.

3. Ettenio

Ettenio is a stalwart and one of the best in the Jamaican hair and skin care industry. Ettenio began as an experiment in its founder’s Antoinette Davis’ kitchen in 2010 with a scalp restorer and hair growth product for a friend’s child. Over time, Antoinette used her chemistry and management background to convert her experiment into a full-fledged business which now lists over 90 products. Ettenio’s chemists, herbalists and skin care experts are committed to using only high quality organic ingredients to maintain its standard of excellence, eco-friendliness and scientific integrity. Ettenio’s products are free from parabens, sulphates, petroleum, silicone, artificial colourings, fragrances and animal cruelty.

  • My Favourite Ettenio Products: Ettenio Bath & Body Oil. P.S. their Beard Oil is great for him!
  • Find Ettenio: Fontana and in other local pharmacies & beauty stores across eleven parishes. Also, on Instagram and their website.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed learning about these three Jamaican skin and hair care brands. These companies deliver islandwide, and even worldwide too so they aren’t just for people living in Jamaica. 🙂 Support these female Jamaican entrepreneurs by buying their products, sharing with a friend or keeping up with their progress on social media. As we say, “Buy Jamaica, Build Jamaica!” For a country which imports far more than it exports or produces, supporting local is important.

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‘Til next time.

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  1. I love skincare and while I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to find those brands here in Europe, I would love to try them out if I’m on the island one day! Thank you so much for sharing, now I just added something on my list of things to do when I go to Jamaica one day!

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