Galina Lighthouse, Saint Mary

The only time it’s acceptable to combine business with pleasure is on a business trip, of course. St. Mary is home to several beaches, waterfalls, swimming holes and historic sites. I visited the parish recently for a practical reason, but stopped at the Galina Lighthouse on my way home. Jamaica is home to eleven lighthouses, nine on land and two offshore. These lighthouses are all operational, and maintained by the Port Authority of Jamaica. Lighthouses are erected close to navigable waters in order to guide incoming sea and aircraft. They serve as visual guides based on their physical characteristics in the day, then deliver characteristic flashes of light by night.


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How to Find Galina Lighthouse

Galina Lighthouse is located in Galina, St. Mary, about 6.7km west of Port Maria and 10.8km east of the Ian Fleming International Airport in Boscobel. There’s a sign marking the turn off to the lighthouse from A3, but I forgot to take a picture of it. This road takes you through a small residential community. It eventually becomes a dirt track, until you reach the end of the road next to the coast.

The St. Mary Parish Church in Port Maria

Driving through St. Mary is a treat. There are lots of historic sites in St. Mary with varying states of preservation, as well as delightful views of the Port Maria Bay and Cabarita Island. Jamaica is technically an archipelago since it has over 30 islands, islets and cays.

Cabarita Island in the distance

Galina Lighthouse & Its Heartbreaking State

The Galina Lighthouse is a 40-feet tall tapered concrete tower, and painted white. It flashes a white light every 12 seconds which lasts for 1.2 seconds, and is visible for 19km or 12 miles. The lighthouse is solar powered. Its exact date of construction is unknown, however the lighthouse’s station was established in 1912. It’s a beautiful tower but I found it in a heartbreaking state when I visited. There were dozens of empty juice boxes, plastic bottles, rusting appliances and even baby diapers strewn everywhere. It’s sad to think that this piece of history is now being used as a dumpsite.


Nonetheless, I managed to get some great shots of and with the lighthouse. There’s a metal ladder leading to the top so I suppose one could climb up if interested. However, I was quite content remaining on land today.


Wrap Up

Would you have left immediately or still make the most of the lighthouse? Share with me in the comments. I wish I’d brought some gloves and garbage bags so I could’ve made a difference at the lighthouse, but alas. Anyway, please share, pin and bookmark this article for later. Also, remember to subscribe as new posts publish every Friday.

These are the other lighthouses in Jamaica I’ve visited so far. I hope to see all eleven lighthouses one day, but some aren’t as easily accessible.

‘Til next time.

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17 thoughts on “Galina Lighthouse, Saint Mary

  1. Galina Lighthouse up close is gorgeous, but the scene of the piles of trash just next to it is just devastating…perhaps if tourism were to ramp up, it could help clean the place up to make it even more worth the visit! PS that ladder looks very enticing to jump and climb up to the top!

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    1. Agreed. It’s really sad that persons visit places as beautiful as this and dump their rubbish, but as you said.. highlighting this lighthouse as a tourist attraction may be what it needs to improve the maintenance.

      Ha! You’re on your own with that jump. As someone who enjoys hiking, it’s crazy that I haven’t fully outgrown my fear of heights 😆


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