What’s Elle Up To?

I decided to do this check-in post for my consistent readers who may be wondering where I am and how I’m doing. I’m alive and well, just busy, so I haven’t posted all month. I’ve been posting consistently on my blog’s new Instagram account though which is inching closer to its first thousand followers and I’m happy about that. If you use Instagram, and aren’t already following, please go follow right now!

I started off 2020 on such a good streak with a new post every week for at least ten consecutive weeks. The new year began on a high that I had been carrying from 2019, and I was ready to take that same energy into 2020 and slay my goals. I’d be lying if I said I accomplished that, but at least the year did not slay me and I’m grateful. It’s been quite a rough year, but I’m so incredibly grateful for where I am in life that I try not to complain about the less-than-awesome things I’ve experienced. I’m healthy, and my closest friends and family are healthy. I had a cousin who suffered a close brush with death, and I felt so terrified and helpless that I may lose a loved one from sudden illness, but he has recovered nicely and I’m just so happy. I felt broken at several points this year but I’ve felt happier on more days than not, and considering I haven’t forgotten years in my adolescence where the reverse was true, I’m truly thankful for where I am in life. I have peace and lots of it, and I’ve also formed and solidified some great friendships and professional linkages this year.


It’s been a lucky year for me too. Never in my life have I won so many contests or giveaways! I entered lots of giveaways this year for the sake of it, after a colleague of mine told me that her secret for always winning free stuff was just entering a lot of contests that give away free stuff. It’s such a simple statement but was so profound for me. For every giveaway she wins, there are probably 10 more she didn’t win, and I feel like this could be applied to life in general. People will notice the wins but not the losses, and usually you have nothing to lose anyway– but so much to win if you try. You can’t win if you don’t try in the first place, and I’ve been applying this mantra to my life. Anyway, I’ve won a $150 Amazon gift card, a gift basket, chest bag, nail polishes, and a whole cake this year. πŸ™‚ About time I win a trip too.

A bag I won from Heavy Mannaz Ja (local leather bag line)

In regards to travel, I went parasailing again but this time with a work group and LOVED IT just as much as my first time. I dined at Skylark after. The food was pretty decent. Negril will never be my favourite place in Jamaica but I’m always happy to go (once I’m not at the wheel). I also did the Appleton tour again, and dined at Lashing’s Boutique after. I’m hoping I went on a bad day, but the unanimous decision for a party of eight was that the food is terrible. Every single dish they brought out, except maybe the lobster was tiny in serving, overpriced and bland. It doesn’t deserve the hype one bit in regards to the food, but the view and vibes were great and maybe I should give the food a try another time.


In regards to blogging, I don’t publish as much as I’d like because I’m usually busy with something or the other, mostly work, and I wish I had more free time. Nonetheless, I’ve still been writing but all of my posts are just nicely scheduled away with different dates set for December. I’ll be publishing a new article every other day for the month of December starting on the 2nd and I’M SO EXCITED! This is my first time taking part in Blogmas, and I’m a firm believer that Christmas isn’t cancelled. It’ll be 12 days of Blogmas spread over 24 days because that’s a lot more manageable for me, and I hope you enjoy. Watch this space.

How have you been? This is my check-in post so I’d love to hear how you guys are doing too. Let’s stay strong for each other. 2020 has been quite a year.

Xo, Elle. See you next Wednesday!

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Adventures from Elle is a travel blog for locals & visitors who want to experience the best of Jamaica, one adventure at a time. The blog is curated by Rochelle Knight, a junior resident (M.D.) in internal medicine and published author. She began the blog in 2016 as a medical student & wants to see the world, starting with her home country. Purchase her book 'SIGHTSEE JAMAICA' on Amazon and join her in Jamaica!

23 thoughts on “What’s Elle Up To?

  1. So nice to hear from you! I have also felt pretty busy this year and it is hard to go back on the “regular blogging” track! I had no idea there was such a thing as the “blogmas” and I’m suddenly so excited for it! Can’t wait to read your posts! 😍

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  2. This was a gorgeous candid article. Very well written and I’ve noticed your absence:) Glad you’ve found much to be thankful for. It’s so important especially now. I feel like I have done what you did…only in reverse. I’ve returned to my blog and am taking a break from IG. If I return, I’ll be sure to follow you! Looking forward to reading your posts in December. Take care and keep smiling! πŸ’›

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    1. Thank you so much! I plan to take a break from IG as well but after New Years Day. I’ve made a tradition now for 2 years of taking a social media cleanse for at least 2 weeks in January and I plan to keep that up!

      It’s so sweet that you noticed my absence too. πŸ™‚ thanks for letting me know, and I’m excited for December too! It’s my favourite time of year and 2020 has been so rough, but there’s no way we should cancel Christmas. Look forward to seeing you on here. Are you doing Blogmas as well by chance?

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    2. You’re very welcome. IG can be very addictive (and fun) so it’s refreshing hearing that you’re disciplined enough to keep up with regular breaks. You’re one of the most consistent bloggers I know, so I noticed you were away immediately! 2020 has been tough, but as you said in your post there has been much to appreciate too! No blogma for me Rochelle, tell me more… how do you even get on board?

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    3. Indeed. IG is very addictive for me as well, so the breaks are to remind myself that I don’t need social media and I always try to channel that extra time into something more meaningful.
      Blogmas is a challenge which bloggers take on for the festive season to publish 12 posts for December. The posts can be festive themed or not, and can be for 12 consecutive days or an alternate days. πŸ™‚ It usually takes some planning and brainstorming in advance though to create the content.

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  3. Glad to hear from you, Elle! Life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s perfectly understandable that you haven’t been posting as much here. Can’t wait to read your posts in December, and I’ll go follow you on IG now (a shocker I haven’t yet)! Stay safe and happy this holiday season. πŸ™‚

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