Turure Water Steps, Trinidad

Happy New Year! I hope it’s everything you wish it to be and more. Welcome to my first blog post of 2020. Visiting the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago (well, really just Trinidad and to be specific, mainly northern Trinidad) is a sentimental trip for several reasons. My boyfriend of one + year is Trini so it was lovely meeting his family even though I’ve already met two members during their trips to Jamaica. Visiting during the festive season was special. My heart was full seeing all the decorations; their malls come alive at Christmastime, and parang music and their culture of paranging is so sweet, for want of a better adjective. It’s just my luck that my boyfriend’s aunt is a parang singer and we rang in 2020 paranging and watching the fireworks of Port of Spain from several miles away. That’s enough to make this trip memorable, but there’s more.

20200107_062846_0000It was my first time overseas since I was 11 years old! Travel was never a priority for my family simply because we couldn’t afford it, so words can’t describe how much it means to me to be able to afford a trip overseas now, financed 100% with my own money (Alexa play ‘Trending Gyal‘, Shenseea). My trip was extremely short due to work obligations but I packed so much into my four day, five night trip that I have zero regrets. I got emotional typing this preamble, and considered deleting it altogether simply because this is personal but I left it to put this trip in context.This is also my first time writing about a place outside of Jamaican shores but my blog will evolve over the years to include overseas destinations. There’s so much beauty in this world to discover and explore. Adventures aren’t only to be had in Jamaica. Nonetheless, I’m a proud Jamaican, born and raised, and I live and work here so the majority of my adventures will always be here at home. Yaad. ❀


Let’s get to talking about Turure Falls now, shall we?

turure water steps2

Turure Waterfalls are located in rural northern Trinidad in Cumaca, a district which earns its income from quarrying. The waterfalls consist of a series of tall limestone outcrops much like a large staircase, hence it’s also called Turure Water Steps. Each step varies in height but the largest is approximately 50 feet wide and 25 feet high. Each also has a natural jacuzzi-like pool at its base great for wading and swimming.

Getting There

Admittedly, this waterfall wouldn’t have been my first pick in Trini waterfalls to explore but Celeste from Celly Thoughts has been my virtual friend for several months, sharing a similar love for Buju Banton, nature and hiking. She’s a hikeleader for a small close-knit group of friends called Hikers United, and they make their hikes open to the general public for a small fee (this hike was $100TTD= roughly JM$2,000). Of course, I’d hit her up if I’m visiting the country and she happened to have a hike to Turure scheduled for Dec 28, which was just my luck because it was actually a rescheduled hike due to inclement weather the weekend prior. Nonetheless, I enjoyed Turure immensely and it felt good to breathe fresh outdoor air and walk under the cool green canopy of bamboo, ferns and trees with moss coating every imaginable surface. The wet fertile trail meandered through a rainforest bursting alive with greens of every imaginable shade.

where we parked-turure water steps
Where we parked. Trail is to the left.

We met outside a Royal Castle franchise in Valencia then drove as a convoy, taking a left by the Valencia Eco Resort. After this, the road becomes deplorable since you’re literally driving on a quarry road. You’ll pass several trucks with drivers made impatient by our slow pace trying to safely navigate the horrible dusty conditions, but it’s fine. They know where the road widens so they’ll blare to pass you when it’s safe to do so and then you can continue taking your time. Once the road widens enough to form a clearing, park your vehicle in a way as to not obstruct other motorists then get ready to enjoy Mother Nature.

path-turure water steps
path2-turure water steps
beautiful ferns
crossing river-turure water steps
tree-turure water steps

The trail is mostly gentle with only three uphill slopes, but be careful as it gets rather slippery in some parts. You’ll be crossing water that gets up to knee deep in parts so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. The hike lasts roughly 30 minutes.


Turure Water Steps

Look at that!

turure water steps
elle-turure water steps
Repping JA with my One Love T-shirt 😍 ❀
admiring turure water steps

There are several parts you can jump from, but I wasn’t going to try my luck as one of the hikeleaders gave a story of someone who slipped before jumping so he landed headfirst (guy turned out fine though, eventually). Plus, if I don’t jump from waterfalls in my own country, why would I do it in someone else’s? (Mi look fool to you? πŸ˜‚) In fact, no one in this group jumped. Perhaps we’re all cowards.

overlooking-turure water steps

We ventured above the main waterfall, or water step if you will, and enjoyed a wide cozy part of the river, mingling and talking and laughing– real authentic socializing and creating happy moments and memories, something of which this Internet era robs us.

Wrap Up

Five out of five stars in my book, I’m really happy I went. This was a great way to kick-start my adventures in Trinidad, and it was lovely meeting yet another blogger in person. If you’re in Trinidad, follow them on Instagram to keep up with their next hike. They have one or two each month.

This is the first post of four about my first trip to Trinidad. Stay tuned for the rest. They’ll be published as soon as I can make the time to write them.

Finally did something good for my arteries, then oops. A doubles fell in my hand (Trini street food with fried dough, barra, sandwiching curried chick peas, channa).

‘Til next time,✌🏽.

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  1. I was reading your “year in review” post and jumped to this post to see the reason for the reference. Somehow I missed this post before but glad I stopped by this time. It was rather a good idea to continue writing because look where your blog has gone. It has evolved from yaad to abroad and will continue based on your determination. The falls seem like a lovely place to spend some time for those in Trinidad and those wishing to go…you have given them something to see on their trip. Great post and I can understand the sentimentality behind it.

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