St. Elizabeth: Jamaica’s South Coast Belle

Saint Elizabeth is known as the breadbasket parish of Jamaica, producing nearly a quarter of the nation’s produce despite getting less rainfall than its counterparts. The parish’s landscape includes the lush unspoilt mountains of the Cockpit Country, the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains which run south, divide the wide plain into two then plunge to a precipitous drop at Lovers’ Leap, the meandering Black River with its numerous cascading tributaries, most notably the YS Falls, and the sleepy sea-faring town of Treasure Beach with its quaint colourful off-the-radar cottages and villas.

St. ElizabethAs such, St. Elizabeth, affectionately nicknamed ‘Sainty/St. E’ or St. Bess, is a south coast destination quickly growing in popularity but perhaps mainly attracting the laid-back bohemian traveller. Come on a journey with me through 15 photos and see why St. Bess deserves the title of Jamaica’s south coast belle.

The lovely lawns at Lovers’ Leap
YS Falls
YS Falls
black river safari- boat sailing past
The Black River, Jamaica’s widest
The early glow of a Lovers’ Leap sunset
Three belles at the Breadnut Valley Falls
Treasure Beach. Source: caribbeanfreephotos
leaving pelican bar 2
At sea off Sainty’s coast headed to Pelican Bar
holland bamboo
Holland Bamboo
Peering over the rail at Lovers’ Leap
this is cockpit country-appleton
The upturned egg tray topography that is the Cockpit Country
black river safari tour
Moody skies at the Black River
A charming gazebo at Lovers’ Leap
luxurious pool-ys falls
Beautiful natural mineral water-fed pools at YS
Another great shot by romantic Lovers’ Leap

There you have it, the beauty of St. Elizabeth summed up in fifteen pictures. If you’re interested in finding out more about what things there are to see and do in St. Elizabeth, click here. Also, this is my third post in the “Through Photos” series. Catch the previous two here and here.

portland jamaicas most beautiful parish

Which photo of St. E was your favourite? Which parish’s beauty would you like to see next? Let’s chat.

‘Til next time, walk good✌🏽.

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