19 Times My Parish (St. Andrew) Left Me Awestruck



Hey guys! I hail from Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, born unda di clock as we say– a colloquial expression which means one was born not too far from this Victorian-style 33-foot tall clocktower built in 1913! This clock marks the very centre of the parish capital, a crossroad between four major streets in Half-Way-Tree which was once the location of a large cotton tree and how the town got its name.

Image result for half way tree clock tower history
The Half-Way-Tree Clocktower. Photo: Jamaica Heritage Foundation.

Kingston and St. Andrew are largely urban parishes– the centre of business and commerce for the whole island, home to the nation’s top universities and schools, a lit music, food and art scene, nightlife and inevitably the traffic and noise which comes with city life– and pollution too. However, i firmly believe St. Andrew is an unappreciated belle. Bordering the Liguanea plain on which the city of Kingston was built lies the majestic Blue Mountains. Here are 19 times I was awestruck by the beauty of my own parish!

Holywell, and a view of the Kingston Harbour out yonder
views from lime tree farm 1
A breath of fresh air at the Lime Tree Coffee Farm
larger than life street art
Larger than life murals on Fleet street in Downtown

devon house mansion
The Devon House Mansion, home to Jamaica’s first coloured millionaire and the world’s fourth best ice cream according to NatGeo in 2011
3rd cascade
A delightful waterfall in Penfield, Gordon Town 

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Good memories get you through bad weeks.

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The Falling Edge Falls in Stony Hill
Image result for red hills jamaica at night
Views from Red Hills after dusk. Photo credit: Wihcon.
the hermitage dam
Hermitage Dam from afar
The Bob Marley Museum in Liguanea
bob marley beach
Bob Marley Beach, a beach with more pebbles than fine sand but that’s alright. 🙂
Image result for mona reservoir jamaica
The Mona Reservoir with the majestic Blue Mountains as backdrop. Photo credit: Darien Robertson
The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Downtown, Kingston

There you have it, the beauty of my parish summed up in nineteen pictures, my second post in the “Through Photos” series. Catch the previous one here.

portland jamaicas most beautiful parish

‘Til next time, ✌🏽.

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7 comments on “19 Times My Parish (St. Andrew) Left Me Awestruck”

  1. Wow! Your island truly is a beautiful place. I’ve always said, if i wanted to go on a honeymoon, I would like to visit a place i can tour rather than just sit in a hotel by the beach for two weeks. Your town, as shown by the pictures look like the perfect mix of relaxation and fun

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