Salem Beach, Saint Ann

Salem Beach near Runaway Bay is perhaps not much of a swimming beach but is worth a visit if you’re dining at the restaurant which has made it popular– Sharkies Seafood. Sharkies is located on Salem Beach and what they lack in speed, they make up in deliciousness by producing seafood that’s comparable to all the great seafood eateries in and around the corporate area with which I’m familiar. Besides, if you time your visit near to sunset, the setting is glorious. With that, let’s talk about:


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How to Find Salem Beach & Sharkies

sign at salem beach
Sign at Salem Beach

The Salem Public Beach sign isn’t visible from the A1 main road so instead look out for the Sharkies Seafood Restaurant sign. You’ll see the sign on the right of the road about 3 minutes after passing the landmark signs for Laughlands Great and Little Rivers, coming from the direction of St. Ann’s Bay. The beach has decent free restrooms but that’s about it in way of facilities. Also, like my previous public beach entries on this blog, Salem Beach is free in that there’s no admission cost.

P.S. Dining at Sharkies is not compulsory for free access to this beach.


Salem Beach & Sharkies Restaurant

salem beach waves
Sunset’s glow over Salem Beach

I have no idea how this beach looks during the daytime as my two visits to it thus far were just around sunset. Therefore, I may be a bit biased in saying Salem Beach is absolutely stunning. The water was warm and soothing with sand as soft as velvet. The deep blue of the Caribbean Sea gently lapped against the pink and violet sky, kissed by dying rays of sunlight as day made way for night.

waves breaking-salem beach
Foamy border of the Caribbean Sea meeting sand at Salem Beach
salem beach st ann
Another view of Salem Beach at sunset

Gorgeous view aside, there was an overlying fishy odour which slightly detracted from the scenery. I know, I know. I’m visiting the habitat of fish, shrimp and other sea creatures but usually I don’t get an olfactory reminder of their presence when I visit the beach. There were quite a few boats along the shore too, perhaps owned by fishermen capitalizing on the restaurant’s need for fresh seafood daily and enticed by the fishy smell which promises a good catch. Nonetheless, that smell was what stopped me getting anything more than my feet wet. Fish is not exactly the scent any female wants emanating from her. . . Nor should the average human being for that matter.

sharkies-salem beach
Sharkies Restaurant (left) from the view of the beach
more boats- salem beach
Numerous boats lying on the Salem shore
small boats at salem beach
Two boats out yonder at Salem Beach (Not a black sand beach. The sand only looks dark because of the lighting.. sorry πŸ˜…)

Wrap Up

Salem Beach is rather mesmerizing at sunset but that’s all for which I can give it credit– except perhaps for having decent restrooms too. Our Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) needs to do better since a bathroom shouldn’t be the highlight of a public beach. Anyway, if you’re looking to pass time while waiting on your meal or takeout from Sharkies or driving through Salem at sunset, consider making a stop at this beach. It serves as a decent rest stop too so while you may not trust the beach for swimming, there’s still plenty of reason to visit Salem Beach. I rate it three stars β˜†β˜†β˜† and this post concludes my St. Ann saga, at least for 2017. There are tonnes more to do in Jamaica’s garden parish so hopefully adventure takes Elle here again sooner than later.

‘Til next time. ✌

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11 thoughts on “Salem Beach, Saint Ann

    1. Lol it’s not terribly expensive though. I use Gloria’s as my price standard πŸ˜… so in comparison, it’s “moderate”. Wish I’d remembered to take a photo of the menu. One escoveitched snapper was like $1200+ but I guess it was large enough to be split between 2 persons. Their food is delicious too, just the wait veeeery long. The beach made up for it I guess haha. Timing near sunset is everything πŸ’•

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  1. The first times, we visited Jamaica, we stayed in Salem and Sharkies was one of our favorite spots. Now we are touring around Jamaica, Sharkies is a “must-stop” for us. While waitung for the food, we enjoy the beach. Thanks for your post πŸ™‚

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