Five Medical Discoveries Jamaica Has Shared With The World

My island home of Jamaica ranks #155 on this list of countries compared by size in square miles, yet has managed to have an indelible global impact. In Jamaica, we say “wi likkle but we tallawah.” This means that we’re small in size but pack a punch, and that we do! Jamaica dominates in athletics, having produced the world’s fastest man and woman alive. Jamaica has produced one religion, four Miss World pageant winners, six genres of music and some of the world’s most highly sought after coffee beans. This tiny island has also had a major impact on the United Nations, most notably in matters of human rights, gender equality, the struggle against Apartheid, economics, the environment and combating the illegal drug trade. However, what’s not so well known is that Jamaican doctors and scientists have also made global contributions to the practice of medicine. In this article, I’ll share five Jamaican contributions to science and medicine.

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