10 Cuisines to Enjoy in Kingston, Jamaica

Do you want to travel the world but don’t have a lot of money to do so currently? Well, let me let you in on a secret. A good restaurant is like a vacation. Its food can transport you to another part of the world. I’m not discounting that the best place to eat authentic food is in the actual country of course, however it is still possible to get food close to the real thing nearer to home. That’s especially true in Jamaica which has a melting post of cultures– a legacy of our colonial past as well as a recent booming culture of expatriates and internationally trained chefs settling in Kingston. Here are ten international cuisines you can enjoy in Kingston without a passport.

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Eating My Way Through Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston is home to Jamaica’s finest dining scene, and you can get food from many of the world’s most distinct cuisines– Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, West African, Greek, French and of course, Jamaican cuisine. I try to eat in much more than I dine out because it’s cheaper, healthier and I like knowing what went into my food, how, and how long ago it was prepared. I also enjoy cooking even if I don’t get the time to do so as often as I’d like. I’ve been cooking more since coronavirus though and you can see what I’ve been up to in the kitchen here. That being said, once in a while I love dining out! Something about having food made for me by someone who makes a living from cooking and in a different ambiance from my humble abode gets me excited. I often find myself going back to old favourites– those places which have never let me down– but trying new places can be fun too. Here’s a list of my five favourite restaurants in Kingston, and five more I’m excited to try once it’s safe to dine out once more.

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