Useful Stuff Landing Page

I’ve written a few articles over the years which I think could prove useful to both dry land tourists and visitors alike in fulljoying Jamaica. Click on any article which you are interested in reading, and be sure to check back this page periodically for updates. If there are topics you’d like me to cover or general questions about where to go, how much things would cost etc., leave a comment on this page or drop me a message. I may even write a whole new article in answering your question. Please note that all my advice and scope of knowledge is simply as a local living in Jamaica who happens to enjoy sharing her perspective and local adventures on the interweb.

10 Unique Food Experiences You Can Only Have in Jamaica


The Top 10 FREE Things to do in Kingston, Jamaica

emancipation park

Three Days to See Kingston, Jamaica


My Favourite 10 Places in Jamaica (as of 2018)

elle's favourite 10

A summary of my 2017 travel expenses + 8 tips on how to explore on the cheap


Public Transport in Kingston, Jamaica Made Easy

public transport kgn

10 Lessons One Can Learn From Chasing Waterfalls in Jamaica


A List of All the Waterfalls in Jamaica!


And for all my local travel bucket lists, check these out below:

That’s all for now. 👋


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