Why Do Jamaicans Run So Fast?

Athletics is Jamaica’s favourite sport. Our love for athletics is inculcated from the primary school championship level to watching international meets on TV while banging pot covers to support, to watching the races at the corner shop bar or even in the middle of Half-Way-Tree. You can’t not love athletics as a Jamaican. Track and field is an immeasurable source of national pride at every major meet and we have produced the world’s fastest man and woman alive. For that reason, people often wonder why do Jamaicans run so fast. Here are five secrets behind Jamaica’s global excellence in athletics.

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Why Jamaicans Are the Coolest People on Earth

I know this article will not sit well with many but I said what I said. Jamaicans are the coolest people on Earth. I never say anything I can’t back up with fact, so read on to find out why I know my people are the best.

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