Here’s Why You Should Donate Blood

Did you know that the Father of Modern Blood Banking is Black? The first successful human to human blood transfusion took place in 1818 by a British obstetrician James Blundell on a patient suffering from postpartum haemorrhage. At the time, transfusion reactions were high because it wasn’t until the 1900s that blood groups and the Rhesus antigen were discovered. Charles Richard Drew, born in 1904, was an African-American surgeon and medical researcher. He improved the techniques of blood storage which enabled the development of large-scale blood banks in World War II, saving the lives of thousands of wounded soldiers.

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Giving Back In Jamaica This Christmas

One of the things I adore about Christmas is the increased service and volunteerism at this time of year. There are tonnes of Christmas drives and I get nostalgic remembering the high school tin food drives I used to host annually by that great institution located at 105 Hope Road for the Mustard Seed Community. Donating our time, talents and in cash or kind shows how much a little, when done consistently, can make a significant impact. There’s a lot to gain from living a selfless life and God blesses the cheerful giver.

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