Wakanda Forever

I know I’m very late in watching Black Panther (don’t rub it in) but Wakanda’s forever anyway, so time is relative. Let’s just say life happened. Nonetheless, I finally had the pleasure of watching this movie today. I’m not a huge movie fan but the hype about this film got me really psyched! A movie where all the main characters are Black set in an African nation untouched by colonization, where women are heroes alongside the men, where the plot isn’t about slavery, drugs, basketball or some other painful stereotype: I’m here for it!

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What Davina Bennett’s 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Universe Means for Black Women Globally

I’m not a fan of pageants. I really don’t keep up well with these things because no matter how much they scream the tagline beauty with a purpose (or is that Miss World’s), I find the world of pageantry rather trivial. Nonetheless, I tend to be aware of the Miss Jamaica World and Miss Jamaica Universe winners and I wish for them nothing but the best as they strut their stuff and represent my tiny homeland nation on the global stage. Over the years we have won three Miss World titles– first in 1963 by Carole Crawford, in 1976 by Cindy Breakspeare then most recently by Lisa Hanna in 1993. We still haven’t won any Miss Universe titles but we came very close to it last night with Davina Bennett, the closest we have come since Yendi Phillips’ 1st runner-up in 2010.

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Jamaica is going through a phase right now which my mind can’t comprehend. Gunshots competed with the sounds of a Jamaican programme on my TV last night and the night before that one.

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Why I Said Bye to Lye

A discussion I had this week on the controversial topic of Black hair has inspired this post. This was the first in a long time that I’ve expressed my reason for going natural. With the interesting feedback I got, I felt like sharing my view here for anyone else who cares to know.

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The Jamaican Box Lunch

“Sell me a rice and peas and fry chicken with curry gravy.”

“A curry goat and rice.”

“A jerk chicken and rice and peas.”

“A stew peas and rice.”

These are some of the daily options on the lunch menu of a Jamaican restaurant, tuck shop or corner shop.

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10 Aged Articles Which Need a Comeback

Saint Valentines’ Day is here! The old art of romance had my nostalgic soul wondering why is it the world got too modern for these little things. Well, the western world’s fashions and trends are often cyclical so here are 10 old things the world should make new again:

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A Jamaican Opinion on the USA 2016 Presidential Outcome

The 2016 USA presidential events were followed by Jamaicans, more than many Jamaicans followed all the Jamaican elections in their lifetimes. Is that statement worrisome to anyone else?……

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