Guide To The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

My favourite corner of Jamaica is the Blue Mountains. This commanding mountain range spans four parishes in the eastern end of the island and was recognized as Jamaica’s first UNESCO world heritage site in 2015. The Blue Mountains are an ecotourist’s paradise with an abundance of conifers, ferns, bromeliads and endemic birds not seen in most other parts of the country. There’s also quite a lot to see, taste and do in these rugged hillsides, so let Adventures from Elle be your guide to this magnetic Jamaican destination which is still relatively unexplored in comparison to the island’s resort towns.

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Lime Tree Farm, Saint Andrew

Lime Tree Farm is an eco-friendly farm and lodging set in the delightful Blue Mountains 3,400 feet above sea level. Run by an affable couple Rodger and Tifony Bolton, visiting their farm is like visiting the home of friends where the air is cool and crisp, the views divine and the tranquility just what the doctor ordered. You’ll feel as if time moves a little slower here. Set in rural Saint Andrew, this is Coffee Country so you can bet that Blue Mountain coffee is the main crop.

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