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ys falls-jamaica

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appleton rum experience 2018

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11 thoughts on “About Landing Page

  1. I LOVE some of the things you said in this post and I admire that you’re on a mission to explore your own country. Something I’ve never done in Canada because I’m too busy exploring Jamaica. Can’t wait to explore more of your blog.

    Maybe one day we should link up on the island and you can drag me (willingly) on one of your adventures.

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    1. That means a lot. 😊😊 thank you! I hope you get to do some exploring in Canada too one day. I have a few relatives living in Winnipeg and Toronto and when they get to hike, their Instagram outdoor photos are stunning. I’d love to experience a temperate forest one day. I can imagine it’d be a lot different from here.

      And yes certainly! One of these days 🙂


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