Lovers’ Leap, Saint Elizabeth

Lovers’ Leap is one of Jamaica’s most romantic spots, so I was happy to visit this breathtaking place for the first time in the right company. It gets its name from the legend of two star-crossed lovers and slaves who decided to jump over this cliff rather than be parted by a jealous plantation owner who wanted the female slave for himself, and would likely have had her partner beaten, sold, maimed or worse yet, killed. Legend has it that they did not die but instead were caught in a moonlit net and gradually lowered to safety, which is just as likely as (insert unlikely event here). However, as to whether or not any couple even jumped here in the first place, who cares? It’s a romantic story set in a glorious location and that is what people drive for miles to see. The photos will reveal why shortly.

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Where is Lover’s Leap?

Welcome sign to Lovers’ Leap

Lover’s Leap is located in Yardley Chase by Southfield, St. Elizabeth. GPS will guide you to Lovers’ Leap accurately. Coming from Kingston, I drove via the South Coast Highway through St. Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester then St. Elizabeth.


Lovers Leap

The drive up the mountain to get here is lovely on its own with cool crisp refreshing breeze greeting your face through the window and wisping at your fly aways. At the top is a welcoming sign telling you that you’ve reached your destination after which you can park in their decent-sized parking lot. There’s a sign that says guided tours cost JM$300 per person, but you need not pay it any mind unless you’d rather hear the history straight from a local and perhaps have someone point out the names of a few tropical trees and angiosperms. Otherwise, you can choose to wander around the premises for free like we did– even walk through the casual bar and restaurant without buying anything and going to the balcony just to take in the magnificent view. But of course, an ice-cold Red Stripe makes everything better so a beer was all I had.

Cost of guided tours are JM$300.00 (not compulsory)
What’s better than beer, beau and a good view?

It’s all hazy where the sea meets sky as if a constant bit of condensation is hovering around at the horizon to add to the magic of the place. The view is endless for miles and one never grows tired of staring into that obscure line of blue-meeting-blue.


The highest lighthouse in the western hemisphere is located here too, 1700 feet above sea level. Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse is Jamaica’s most recent, a 100 feet tall with a lantern and octagonal gallery and is powered by three different power sources: a generator, electricity and a set of batteries. Our Port Authority thought it a good idea to place a lighthouse at a place where you feel as if you can see forever. Well done!


The rest of the grounds are nicely kept too with well-manicured lawns, delightful flowers and trees, attractive gazebos and of course, a statue paying tribute to Missy and Tunkey, the slaves whose love story made the place famous.

Missy and Tunkey with fresh flowers 🌹

My fond romantic memories of Lovers’ Leap were probably strongly influenced by sweet strains of the saxophone wafting on the breeze. Thus, Sundays are the best time to visit since it’s the only day of the week with live music and the act changes weekly. They begin playing in the late afternoon while it’s still light, into the sunset then way up in the evening hours. Dining makes way for dancing and I’m sure Missy and Tunkey are happy with the way romance lives on at their spot.

The sun was right behind the saxophonist, sorry.
The photo arrangement bothers my OCD but I thought it was cute nonetheless.

Let me not gloss over the sunset. It’s the most breathtaking I’ve witnessed in a while. Even if you can’t stay past sunset, do stay long enough to at least see the golden glow begin to kiss the waves and paint the sky vivid orange. It’s truly a brilliant sight.

Lovers’ Leap near to sunset.
Fifteen minutes after.

Wrap Up

A popular Sainty* spot and recently renovated, Lovers’ Leap easily earns five stars, ☆☆☆☆☆, from me. I’d return just to see the sunset and that blurred endless horizon again. It’s more thrilling a view in person than picture, so if you enjoyed the photos, that means you’ve got to go! Better yet, make a whole day trip of St. Elizabeth (like I did) then leave enough time to catch dinner and sunset at Lovers’ Leap. You’re welcome.

*Affectionate name for the St. Elizabeth parish is ‘Sainty’.

‘Til next time, ✌🏽.


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16 thoughts on “Lovers’ Leap, Saint Elizabeth

  1. This blog really brought back good memories for me Rochelle. The views of Lovers Leap really are magnificent, it took my breath away when I first saw it in 2004. It looks like its changed and had a nice renovation. If I ever go again I must see that sunset view! Although your photos are lovely, as you say, you really need to see it for yourself to appreciate its sheer beauty, a cold red stripe further enhances it! A Saint Elizabeth bucket list item. Very informative and a nice blog, thanks for posting it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Robert! That means a lot. 🤗🤗 Really glad to hear it brought back good memories. You’ll enjoy it even much more now– the renovation has done the place well. Hope you get to see the sunset at your next visit.

      Again, thanks much for stopping by and leaving a kind comment. 🙂 Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Jake’s took it over (or rather re-opened) the property in 2018, and I visited January 2019 so I guess this is the improved version. I read accounts in the paper of how it was before, so I guess things were once pretty bad– only chicken and chips on the menu, or no refreshments, the bathrooms were out-of-use or the lookout point was run-down etc. Now, the menu is 100% Jamaican dinner faves, the bar is fully stocked, there’s a double level verandah to look at the view, the bathrooms are renovated and there are gazebos and well-tended lawns, hedges and flowers. This is a welcome investment into such a stunning historic place. And ditto on the live music. Visit on a Sunday if you can. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thankfully it has improved a lot. The bar is now fully stocked, and the restaurant menu looked great but I didn’t buy anything besides a beer since we weren’t hungry. It was my first time visiting so I have no idea what it was like before, except from newspaper accounts of it before Jake’s. Oh and sorry if I didn’t make it clear. The $300J is optional and gives you a guided tour of the property explaining the history and so on. But if you’d rather walk around on your own, that’s free. 🙂

      Hope you get to check it out again! It seems to have changed a lot– for the better.

      Thanks for the kind words, and for dropping a link to your post too. I’ll check it out. Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

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