What One Woman Spent Travelling in 2018

Hey there! Today’s the penultimate day of my 2018 roundup series, and I’m back with a crowd favourite: sharing my travel expenses for the year. I consider myself Day Trip Queen, even if that won’t last forever as the type of adventures I take will evolve over time. However, day trips are the ideal trade-off for adventurous spirits on a shoestring budget and as such, let’s take a look at this screenshot showing what it cost to visit the places I wrote about this year.

  • 🇯🇲 (Flag emoji) represents the places at which I used a locals’ discount.
  • 🎓 (Graduation cap emoji) represents the places at which I got a students’ ID discount.
  • 💸 (Flying money emoji) represents the places at which I saved by visiting on a special day or during a special period.

I share this only as inspiration to ford your own streams.

Like last year, the ways I managed to save won’t apply to everyone as I’m aware many of my readers aren’t in school full-time nor are even Jamaican for that matter. However, I share this only as inspiration to ford your own streams. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts and bargain website deals e.g. Gustazo’s, travel off-season if you’re able to, stay at an AirBnB as opposed to an all-inclusive hotel, plan your own trips as opposed to purchasing a travel package, carry your local or student ID if  applicable when you’re visiting a place with special rates, carpool with friends and family & the list goes on. Never say you don’t have enough money to have an adventure! There’s always somewhere nearby which you’ve never visited, and there’s possibly a way to save too that you didn’t imagine before.

The choice to live your best life within your circumstances is yours.

Disclosures:  I got an opportunity to take my coffee tour for free through the help of a friend (Normal value: $4,000.00jmd) plus I didn’t have to think about expenses when I went to Dunn’s River Falls in April & Hope Zoo in August since these were family trips and hence covered by my wonderful mother. Last year, I drove to only a handful of places which were all in town so I didn’t have to purchase extra gasoline & hence I counted transport costs as negligible. This year, however, having had my licence for a bit longer and feeling more confident on the road, I drove for a few of the out-of-town trips and had to purchase extra gas. Nonetheless, my friends are champs and covered a lot of the gas bill anyway e.g. to Bath, St. Thomas, in the cases where I went out in a group. All these technicalities make publishing a post with this title difficult, in that what I spend as tip or on fuel will be different from your trip, but all in all, I hope this post accomplished its intended purpose: showing you that the choice to live your best life within your circumstances is yours.


Last year I had a more detailed set of tips on how to see Jamaica effectively on a budget, so check that out if you’re interested.


Last day of the series is tomorrow where I’ll share perhaps the most anticipated post of this blog-a-thon: 2019’s bucket list and how I fared with 2018’s list.

‘Til then, friends! ✌

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