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Hey fellows! Thank God it’s the weekend! I’ve had a stressful week to say the least so it’s good to have something light and fun to which to respond tonight. Many thanks to a fellow Jamaican blogger who is a girl after my own heart- enjoying the finer things in life on a budget. 🤗 She covers lifestyle & beauty on the cheap over on Goody With A Budget. The rules for this award are simple- thank your nominator, link to their blog, answer their 10 questions and then give 5+ people 10 of your own questions to answer.


Her questions for me

1. How would you describe your fashion style and where do you draw inspiration from?

Carelessly elegant if that makes sense. I don’t pay much attention to the latest fashion trends because I’m all for comfort over style any day, but I try to look good while making it look effortless and casual. My inspiration is from my mom (cliché, right?) who actually pulls off looking way more elegant with less maintenance & time getting ready than I do.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I used to think travelling, even around my homeland Jamaica, was out of my reach because of my socio-economic background and that it had to be something for the distant future when I’m working and financially stable (as my mom made it seem when I was younger). When I had my epiphany moment that budget and travel are compatible, I wanted to share my adventures online to show people how they can make budget travelling around Jamaica work for them too! Also, I missed writing recreationally so blogging allows me an outlet for my opinions & creativity which my future career won’t necessarily allow me.

3. What’s a dream of yours?

Aside from the clichéd one to travel to an ever-expanding bucket list, I dream for the basic things in life like finding the right career so I never have to work a day in my life. It’s not work (or drudgery rather) if you love what you do.

4. What is one of your fears?

One of my biggest fears is in response to #3. I’m afraid to end up stuck in a job to just pay the bills, support my family etc. Mindlessly going through the motions and not enjoying what I do. I want a professional life which makes me excited to wake & go through the doors in the mornings.

5. Where have you always wanted to travel to?

Costa Rica! La pura vida had me hooked ever since my days of Spanish in sixth form. Honourable mention to Iceland, CUBA, Guyana, Canada, Haiti and Morocco.

6. What is your favourite comfort food?

Cheese cake 🤗

7. If you give your younger self advice, what would it be?

Get over yourself & just go for it. And what’s “it” you may ask? Any & everything my self-doubt may have stopped me from achieving, like getting good at a sport etc.

8. What was your least favourite food as a child?

Porridge. The word alone 😒

9. Do you believe in coincidences? 


10. Who is your favourite artiste and band?

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one but perhaps Adele, Rihanna or Beyonce internationally, Chronixx locally for sure and perhaps Muse if I had to choose a band. I’m not big on bands really.

So here are my 5 nominees

  1. Shandean Williams, a down-to-earth freelancer, writer and lifestyle blogger
  2. Simply Local, a fellow local travel blogger who’s onto something big with her e-magazine set to release for independence weekend next month!
  3. Well Read Robin, a lifestyle blogger and physician whose archive contains tonnes of advice & firsthand accounts of life as a medical student at the UWI
  4. Renegade Expressions, a blogger who inspires thought & can teach you a thing or two about his latest passion. Current passion: birds.
  5. Petchary, a socially aware & environmentally conscious Jamaican by choice who delightfully expresses her knowledge & views on her blog.

10 Questions for My Nominees

  1. What’s one thing you have now for which you once prayed very hard to get?
  2. What’s your greatest pet peeve?
  3. What’s your least favourite music genre?
  4. Movies or plays, and why?
  5. What inspired you to start a blog?
  6. Favourite cuisine around the world?
  7. Favourite fruit?
  8. What item(s) can you never leave the house with?
  9. Have you been overseas before, & if so where?
  10. Pack your bags. I’ve handed you 4 return tickets. Where are you going?

Keep on blogging. Much love ’til next time! ✌

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Adventures from Elle is a travel blog for locals & visitors who want to experience the best of Jamaica, one adventure at a time. The blog is curated by Rochelle Knight, a junior resident (M.D.) in internal medicine and published author. She began the blog in 2016 as a medical student & wants to see the world, starting with her home country. Purchase her book 'SIGHTSEE JAMAICA' on Amazon and join her in Jamaica!

8 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger Award

  1. I like this “Award thing”, because it helps to link similar blogs together to give a more comprehensive experience to the readers. I never saw that on German-speaking blogs. Most German bloggers seems to be like “It’s MY blog. Who cares, what other bloggers do? Should I give a LIKE or leave a COMMENT? NO, why should ? Linking with others? Are you nuts? They will steal my ideas, copypaste them and give it for their own.” I personally think, it’s very important to link, to appreciate the work of others, to stay in touch. It can help to develop each other.

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