Hiking in the Caribbean

A Caribbean vacation is often envisioned as sipping from a coconut while reclining in a deckchair on a white sand beach. That image is encouraged by the “sun, sand, and… Read More The post Caribbean Hiking Guide: Jamaica and Haiti appeared first on Justraveling.

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Hiking isn’t a popular Jamaican past time. We don’t have a culture of backpacking and camping either; that’s seen more as for cadet groups. What Jamaica has though, is a mountainous interior teeming with beautiful trees, plants, birds, sweeping valleys, rivers, waterfalls, cool weather and all-around spectacular views. There are quite a few people who already regularly make use of Jamaica’s outdoors and are reaping the benefits. I’m not (yet) an avid hiker but I have my eye set on the good spots. 😎 The limited hiking I’ve done so far has me looking forward to more. So far, I’ve covered only one such place here since my blog only covers 2016 onwards. Thus, consider my guest post to justraveling.com as a sneak peek into my personal hiking bucket list. I wanted to share an alternative tourism spin on the whole region as we are more than sun, sand and sea.

With that, head on over to these guys and see the many opportunities to hike globally and closer to home.

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